Poverty Essay

Dickens portrays and shows the contrast of upper class & lower class people, people who were classified rich and had a lot of money, where happy with a lot of belongings, such as a house to sleep in, a bed, food & unnecessary goods. On the other hand lower class people who were either jailed due to having no money or house & forced to work in a workplace where food, shelter & clothes where provided. Dicken’s makes the readers question themselves where money was the key to happiness?

A Christmas carol Demonstrates all types of poverty such as , health, money, happiness significantly highlighting these times in the Victorian Era, comparing also greed, illness & unemployment , which caused a huge crisis leading to very low life expectancy, very bad economy & struggling citizens of this time of Era! Dickens goes further on to explain how the indecency of jealousy & social values towards people & employees. The industrial revolution resulted in people cheating, lying, misleading & evolving people to turn to money, retaining an obsession with money & greed.

Tiny Tim a young unfortunate child who demonstrates & represents which explains to the readers that money isn’t everything & happiness is the key of live. Scoorge a man who is obsessed with money, judges & categorises everyone that is poor or underprivileged which causes mischief & relentless sins towards his name jeopardising his future & creating bigger depths of mistakes. Scoorge is visited by four phantoms, first his mate Marley that was his business partner & only friend which was identified as a business man with no friends but the ambitions of making money.

Throughout these visits Scoorge is warned & important decisions is made in his life journeys. Tiny Tim uses the quote ‘O Bless Everyone’ a kid with no possession or chance of survival with death nearby displays the happiness of a young poor kid , demonstrating people should appreciate what they own, & have more appreciation towards others & regardless the poverty displaying smile , keep pushing forward & family is the key to happiness & success.

Throughout the novella ‘A Christmas Carol’ Charles Dicken’s makes the readers believe that the ethnicity between poor & rich is outrageous & that poverty is generally known as no money, depressed , people should be treated equally regardless of their socioeconomic status, colour, description or any other way of describing another’s individuality. Poverty through the Novella is

displayed when Bob Crachit Says the preys & makes a toast‘ This toast is also for Scrooge the person who puts food on the table for us’ this goes to show the acceptance that some people relationship between the lower class & upper class , that they can both bond & without both classes they cannot operate. Bob Crachit doesn’t display any type of aggression towards Scrooge his unethical, cold hearted greedy boss.

Dickens displays the difference also between Tiny Tim & Scrooge , Where scrooge a young boy coming from no money, poor living style is happy & makes the most of life, where scrooge is inconsiderate as a young child abandoned by his parents , Mistreated & not accepted. This is a way of poverty that is lacked through the novel family, where a young a child is poorly treated & affected for the rest of his life because the decisions & ways scrooge was treated.

The readers generally noticed scrooge is obsessed with money & hasn’t got a care for the world. He is afraid of society , & blocks them out , refusing to associate with anyone , but Scrooge’s only friend Marley’s that passes away pays him a visit, explaining how scrooge had to change or he would be doomed forever, But Scrooge couldn’t believe what was happening. He thought it was all a dream that he had been hallucinating from something he ate old.

This was a warning from his one & only friend that redemption was available , that he had to change his ways & give back to the community that money wasn’t the only thing in life, & that he had to respect society and his workers, Marley’s lastly warning scrooge the next three ghosts are also coming to visit him & that it won’t be pleasant , to be ready . Scrooges says ‘BAH HUMBUG’ to everything he believes in nonsense & choose to ignore Marley’s message & remain stubborn.

Dickens was implying the money is more of a problem that people , don’t recognise family , friends or anyone anymore, basically a curse of lust that cannot be removed but the hunger & reap for money. In the hard times of the Industrial revolution where the economy was bad, health was poor, unemployment was high & the main key health where low , life expectancy wasn’t long & many died. Corrupted Governments contributed to moral values towards employees & citizens.

Dicken’s shows a bird’s eye view of Scrooges business & how he disrespects his workers & shows no consideration for his hard workers & is only concerned about money & himself. Dickens portrays his life story as a young child, mistreat & shows the rough times of the industrial revolution & explains & contrasts how bad people were treated in those Era’s. Scrooge is visited by several spirits once then finally coming to reality that is true, that he had to repent for his sins & apologise , make up for the things he done wrong.

The third ghost makes scrooge come to his senses when the light is represented & offering redemption , allowing the light to show on the dark side of Scrooge & that change is good. Dicken’s shows the other side of scrooge & shows that he isn’t that bad after all that he can change & not be stuck in hell forever, that he can respect others , not be so obsessed with money & have another chance at life & redeem himself from his evil past. This poverty is represented by the human greed & child labour, anything that could make the rich more rich & the poor remain even poorer.

Dickens resembles & explains hows mistreating workers is a poor business & this set type of poverty is occurring even today & that it has to be stopped , which could lead onto further more hurtful situations effecting employess & the business itself as the Industrail revolution effected everyone & many where mistreated. Dickens potrays Poverty through characters helping scrooge realizes all the poverty’s that he faces can be stopped & that he can be saved & change before he end up like his one & only mate Marley.

After Scrooge is shown by the last ghost that His name is on grave stone , scrooge comes to reality realizing that he had to change his ways or he would be doomed forever that life itself would of meaned nothing & he would have been saved that he would be stuck forever as a ghost punished forever carrying money boxes for the rest of his ghost years. Dicken’s shows that redemption is available & shows us the changed man in scrooge. Scrooge’s Dramatic change hints the readers that he is free & apologises & repents for his sins, Scrooge goes further on to explain “I don’t care, Id rather be a baby.

” This displays that he is happy to embrace society & come out into the world , that he is happy to be back & that he is finally going to live life. Scrooge’s first step was lifting the cratchits wage & apologising announcing that “ Bob I shall support you , & your family now” treating Bob like his own brother & showing acceptance & sending a young boy to fetch a nice delicious meal for the cratchits family to eat & injoy their hard work they have done for Scrooge.

Scrooge is a changed man & is saved & finally learns to accept Reality & society, The poverty that he faced is cured, & his life is prolonged , Scrooge had a Christmas spirit everyday & never changed and remained the same , which resulted in a prolonged life & was respected by public & not known as a cheap business man that no one cared about. Dickens Displays that regardless the situation or ethnicity everyone can be forgiven & saved.

Dickens displaying corruption with Scrooge’s wealth & socioeconomic statues , with the Cratchits family, who are happy without anything but their family themselves. Charles Dickens highlights the ethnicity between upper class & lower class citizens, how money divides the two citizens & how money aint everything, but also that it doesn’t by happiness.

Scrooge through out the Novella is potrayed as a stubborn cold hearted man who doesn’t have a care in the world, but is then transformed by four phantoms who change his life. The author goes further to explain family relationships is higher then any money statues, that family is the key to happiness, Tiny Tim is a signifant part of this poverty discussion , as he represents the people who had nothing & still managed to put a smile on his face , even when death near.

Scrooges transformation had an impact on everyone which turn him from an unethical boss to an ethical boss, from an unpleasant person to a delightful person & last of all carried thru the rest of his life the Christmas spirit, a person that never liked Christmas was saved by his one and only friend Marley that had saved him which Scrooge thought was nonsense then resulting in redemption, redeeming himself from his past & saving himself from eternal life, Dickens strongly alerts readers that , without religion & the family , treating people with respect & following gods word, would result in a bad manner, lastly that whatever poverty or type of issue they face,can be faced , repent & be saved by the lord himself .