Porsche. Internal combustion engine

Porsche auto-works has been producing cars since 1942. It was first started by Ferdinand Porsche in Germany, Stuttgart and was then spread out to the world. Volkswagen owns Porsche and Qatar is a shareholder of Porsche by 5%. It was first started by building the Porsche 356 which was the first car to carry the Porsche brand. This car was powered by a 12-cylinder boxer engine with 4-valve heads and a supercharger. This car showed a lot of progress and profit then became a car of many.

This was the first car made by Ferdinand Porsche. During the World War 2 Porsche was given a contract to make tanks but lost it to smith and sons company, the chassis that were used to make the tank had no use, then Porsche decided to make a tank of their own known as the elefant. Then Porsche showed a lot of progress and opened a branch in Nairobi Kenya, which is making a lot of good progress. The problems faced by Porsche were that some of the cars did not progress very well as it was expected.

Most of the cars were too fuel consuming which was not good. Most of the Porsches were a two door coupe which was small. They used paper work to do their calculations and drawing designs of the car which was not accurate. The solutions to these problems are that they make their cars progressive and fuel efficient to a drivers comfort. Sizes of the cars should be enlarged and the car should be comfortable for long drives.