Politics as the Greatest Manipulator

According to George R. R. Martin’s statement “ When you know what a man wants you know who he is and how to move him.” We can understand easily why everyone trust in politicians, even though their deeds benefit no one except for them. The key method of manipulating someone is to listen them and hear even the things that they are not saying. It is no surprise that politicians are often compared to puppeteers. Once they decode someone’s thoughts and wishes they run the show.

One of the most important things to be a successful politician is to show self-confidence. This is because the person to believe they are is the one who people see. For example, the case with Pope Joan VIII who was actually a woman disguising herself as a man. She rises through the church hierarchy and eventually being elected pope. As long as people believe in someone else’s abilities it is not necessary for them to be able to do it and this is exactly how political systems work in present. At the same time we can compare them to spiders too. Politicians anticipate what will the public require and create invisible webs from promises and assurances that on the surface of it they sound satisfying. After that when “the fly” catches in them they take everything they can.

Moreover if you consider them similar to warriors, Paulo Coelho’s belief that “ A good warrior pays attention to every step of his opponent.” supports the fact that using someone else’s tendency to be defeated is leading method in the political art. Politicians use nation’s qualities and abilities in order to gain their own victory. So what society must do is to beat them in their own game by forecasting what their intentions are and not giving them the chance to release their plans. After all if politicians are elected to represent everyone, then shouldn’t their own opinions be irrelevant? Something that is completely opposite to what politicians show in present.