Political motivation

A Mexican FM “warned against securing the US southern border without their blessing emphasizing that violence and criminal activity along the border will remain unabated”. While such warnings were aimed as a backlash for singularly picking out on Mexicans as illegal aliens, it would take into account that most immigrants comprised a majority of Hispanics who are having difficulty in the assimilation of the national language. Putnam, an American reporter in answer voiced his support for the passage of the HR 4437 citing Art.

33 of the Mexican constitution which say (in part) “that it has the exclusive right to expel from the national territory immediately without necessity for judicial proceedings all foreigners whose stay it judges inconvenient”. Reformists call illegal aliens as “shadow people”. Josten expressed in his statement that “a true immigration reform is needed but HR 4437 will only drive undocumented people further into the shadows”. Reid also said that “people hiding behind the shadows are unable to contribute to the society and are even afraid to ask for government aid…citing some immigrants who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina”.

The Catholic Church also voiced support and justice for immigrants “defending them for working on jobs that would otherwise go unfilled”. Icaza of Mexico expressed concern on the rights of immigrants as human beings and their contribution to the US economy. He stands pat for “the regulation and control of immigration and added that a process that addresses the economic security, political and social needs of both countries should be encouraged and welcomed a national debate on immigration reform”.

Immigration has brought about well-known successful immigrants like Albert Einstein, Bob Hope, and a smattering of serious workers into the United States. Ragle however dismisses this “as a cultural fabric aimed at exploiting the native-born population”. He added that as a result of an Open Border policy we should look into the likes of notorious Italian mobsters Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello; Palestinian assassin Sirhan Sirhan; Mexican mass murderers Juan Corona, Ram Salcido and Angel Resendez; and many other unsavory characters who were members of ethnic communities.

A 1993 Hispanic USA Research Group survey showed that 89% of Hispanic Americans strongly support an immediate moratorium on immigration and 74% feel fewer immigrants should be allowed and stronger restrictions should be enforced. To recall: Immigration has always been restricted by organized associations that discouraged foreigners from coming. As a whole the immigrants idealism and optimism backfired with the reality that they were not wanted at all. Daynes related that “their newfound liberty came at a cost where many were unable to pay”.

Certain jobs in the US are shunned by the American people. Cultural minorities are called to fill in this gap contrary to Tancredo’s claims that underemployment exist due to the presence of minorities willing to accept jobs for less. According to a Nursing Program for Minorities, the recruitment of minorities benefits hospital administration since they tend to have less access to healthcare and disproportionate rate of illness compared to traditionally white areas.

Despite appeals and aids for American students to take up nursing studies to fill in the need and vacancies created, Americans cannot address the diverse attitudes of patients thereby resulting to job burn-outs. Political motivation relaxed control against immigration thereby resulting in the mass influx of multinationals. Politics and conservative attitudes bordering on feudalistic endeavors created discrimination against cultural minorities too. The American nation has always been guided by political endeavors from every regime.

The question of what platform a government would take for or against its people more likely explains the actions that we observe. To understand what the current situation is in relation to immigration, we must dwell on the environmental impact and let science justify absolute actions. Ward disclosed that “every forest, every valley, every bit of land surface capable of sustaining plant life, as well as the plankton in the sea will have to be turned into crops if our species is to avert unprecedented global famine”.

Although the US by contrast is still the biggest bread baskets of the world, farmlands are lost to build homes for the population thereby slowly shrinking food production annually. Major biodiversity will be lost where 95% of the country’s endangered species are in just three states. Carbon dioxide emission consumes 80% of the world’s natural resources and generates 80% of the pollution and waste. “A child born today in the United States for instance, will be by the age f 75 years produce 52 tons of garbage, consume 10 gallons of water and use 5 times the energy of a child born in a developing world”.