Political Corruption Paper Example

Political corruption is one of the biggest problems in the United States government, but not just here in America, in other parts of the world as well. This global issue is making big headlines and it is all over the internet, yet people still don’t fully believe that U. S. politicians are corrupt. The people that are making all of the “under the table” deals have got the American people blinded with false promises. The national debt is growing and we, the people, are blaming the President, illegal immigration, and big companies importing goods but the people that are to blame are representing us right now.

Corruption is defined as moral perversion or the perversion of integrity. (Dictionary. com) This definition fits many of, not only politicians but also judges, CEOs, and even public servants. Valerie Berset-Price says “Companies pay bribes to survive. If you can’t change something, join in. ” (“Corruption, Democracy”) Unfortunately, this is how many companies are starting to think. Money is the source of corruption. An article in the New York Times recently reported “In 2009, a judge in Manhattan had a lucrative appointment to hand out: oversight of a diamond district building that’s was drifting into foreclosure.

” Nearly 600 people in Manhattan had been approved for this job, but the job went to a lawyer named Mark D. Lebow, who is the husband of Patricia E. Harris, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s most trusted aid. Since then Mr. Lebow has earned $352,000 in fees and more than $5,000 a week, according to court records. Political connections mixed with bribes are getting people jobs that should be going to hard working Americans. Instead ordinary people are forced to do whatever they can to make the money their families need.

People have been reduced to stealing copper, brass, and steel for a quick buck. Kids in the Atlanta area are using sledge hammers to break into public restrooms and take the copper. These people are going to extremes to get the things they need. A man in North Carolina walked into an RBC Bank, handed the clerk a note demanding $1, sat down and waited for police to arrive. It turns out the man had serious medical conditions and no health insurance. He robbed a bank to get free health care in prison.

(“Corruption In America”) Lies are becoming an everyday part of the business world. JP Morgan marketed a CDO as a good investment when they knew it was total garbage. The SEC announced that JP Morgan has agreed to pay out 153 million dollars in settle charges related to the sale of a controversial collateralized debt obligation back in 2007. The people that helped pick out the underlying assets for the CDO also bet heavily that it would fail. (”Corruption In America”) A poll in Time magazine stated that 29% of people do not believe in the American Dream anymore.

Maybe that is because we no longer have faith in the govt. This could be a cause of the lies they feed to us. $38. 5 billion in budget cuts are largely illusory. The Washington Post reported, “The Congressional Budget Office is saying that about $800 million in cuts are being made to domestic programs and foreign aid. ” (“Corrupted! ”) The U. S. government is spending over $2 million a minute. With the National Debt rising, the unemployment line growing, and cuts to things like health care and public housing, where is all this money going?

Law enforcement agencies are considered key agents in peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction efforts. For that reason, massive resources from the international community have been channeled to democratizing and professionalizing police institutions in Southeast Europe. However, although legal reforms of the police force have been fairly successful in the four Southeast European countries covered in the 2011 Global Integrity Report – Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia –, the implementation and enforcement of these laws are found wanting in our latest evaluation.

For example, while in all these countries there is an agency with a legal task to investigate and prosecute cases of corruption among law enforcement officials, its effectiveness is weak. The number of investigations in Bosnia remains low, and those that are pursued focus on relatively minor cases while cases involving high-level corruption and politically powerful individuals are dropped or end in dismissal. The situation is similar in Macedonia. Law enforcement agencies in the region also tend to be politicized.

Recruitment and appointment of law enforcement personnel in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia are susceptible to favoritism, assistance, and political interference. Raymond June reports, “The prime minister, the director of the key law enforcement agency, and the state investigation and protection agency were appointed as a result of an agreement among political leaders. ” (“Southeast Europe”) And while a new law may introduce a merit-based police force in Macedonia, for the present it seems that party-based recruitment is the norm.

The implementation gap between the laws “on the books” and their actual implementation/enforcement needs to be addressed in order to support the integrity system of law enforcement in Southeast Europe. In Mexico corruption can be found in every corner. The government provides free health care to any citizen of the state. These hospitals promise to be equal to any patient from a person with cancer to someone with a broken leg. My grandfather had a surgery at one of these hospitals and when he was well enough they dismissed him. A couple of weeks ago the problem returned and he had to be readmitted.

When we arrived at the hospital the receptionist claimed they had no available rooms yet when a man walked in and said he was a cousin of the director of the building he was immediately given a place to stay. Again, political connections are the key to almost anything. From bribes to political connections, corruption is out there. Maybe it’s our job as citizens of this world to stop it or we can continue blindfolded by what the media is feeding us as the truth. The choice is ours but the people of countries ranked the most corrupt in the world refuse to do anything about it.

The United States was the 19th most corrupt country in the world yet Americans deny the truth. If we were to fight corruption with knowledge, the people would win. So watch the news, read the newspaper, follow blogs, information is key to ending corruption. We can leave a better future for our grandchildren; all we need to do is be the change we want to see in the world. Works Cited * “The American Dream” Corruption In America 9 May, 2012 http://endoftheamericandream. com/archives/corruption * Dictionary. com 9 May, 2012 http://refrence. dictionary.

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