Policy of the European Union

The open border policy also enables free travel across the European Union states. Even the people who are citizens of non-members of European Union only require one visa to travel to all states freely. If a person locates himself in America he will be required to spend a huge amount to plan a vacation for Europe. However, if he stays in Europe he can easily travel inter-city without spending a huge amount. Through this policy of the European Union travel has become a commodity rather than a luxury.

The European countries, especially the member states of the European Union, have a single goal of social, economical and political unity throughout Europe. The citizens of these states will also favor Europe over United States due to loyalty towards their country. The people of the country will try to play their role in aiding the government to achieve its objectives. By sacrificing a little, they will be enable the leaders to create a safe, united, and better Europe for their generations. The governments will harness the spirit of nationalism within its population, making Europe their first choice to stay and work for.

Yet another reason to stay in Europe is the similar currency used by the members of the European Union. If people leave for United States they have to worry about the for-ex rates, which are usually higher for Euro. The amount of money they send to their family will reduce when converted to local currency. By introducing a single currency in all member nations the leaders have eased the mind of a unskilled labor. He can earn and consume each and every penny of his salary without having to worry about for-ex rates. The main reason to migrate is to offer a better future to our children.

As Lopez (2008) mentions the adverse effects of life after immigration are not only felt by the immigrant but also his children. The American dream which had bought the family to United States fades away and the reality settles in. The harshness is not only in financial terms but also in social and political ways. The new immigrants have no political rights that they can exercise to voice their opinions. The linguistic, cultural and racial differences make it impossible for the new family to feel loved and welcomed.

The process of immigrant checking is so rigorous that it makes them feel like a commodity rather than a human being. Immigrants have finally started to realize that they contribute more towards the betterment of America, then America contributing towards the betterment of their life style. The European Union secures the immigrant as well as his family members. On April 29, 2004 the European Union adopted a legislation which highlighted the rights of the Union’s citizen and his family members. It also enabled people to apply for “permanent residence and protection.

Although the member states are neighboring countries the allowance of the Union to bring the family is a big relief for the bread-winner. He does not have to worry about sending money home to feed and educate his children. It provides him with the opportunity to earn and live better while enabling his children to earn a better education and a promising future. The immigration process is highly friendly compared to the United States process. All a citizen needs to produce is a valid passport and visa and he is granted the right to enter the states.

The minorities, racial and religious, feel more comfortable in Europe because they are not forced to leave their values behind. Europe contains all sorts of nationalities and it promotes the diversity in the continent. The religious groups are not ridiculed openly as the continent of Europe has countries which practice every religion of the world. United States recently witnessed a financial crisis of great magnitude, this also lead to a decrease in the attractiveness it posed to immigrants. As mentioned earlier, Europe is at good terms with all religious and racial cultures.

This can greatly work for Europe’s advantage, for example, it can form a delegate of pro-Muslim or Muslims to negotiate oil prices with the Middle Eastern countries. By exploiting and using its population for advantages Europe can ultimately become the super power. Adverse Effects on United States According to an article by Robles (2007), United States will eventually witness the “consequences of a deficit of low-skilled labor. ” United States requires low skilled labor to perform tasks and jobs that its own citizens will refuse to take up.

The immigration policy of the United States poses a great difficulty for the prospective immigrants. The reasons mentioned above rule out the European citizen as an immigrant to United States. Therefore, the population of skilled labor will also eventually decline. United States requires highly educated, motivated, and skilled foreign individuals to contribute to its growth, as they always have. The low-skilled labor can come in from the South American nations, however, even Latin Americans are favoring Europe over United States due to its living standards and pays.

Due to the availability of a large pool of immigrants, United States, was once able to specialize its labor and achieve its daily national chores. It will become impossible to do that with decreasing number of immigrants. The birth rate is not that high in the developed nations, the government never had to encourage growth in native population because it already had enough immigrants at its hands. The sudden change in trends will make the policy makers realize the loss that they have ignited.