Police Structure

Police are people who are empowered to enforce the law, protect people and property as well as reducing civil disorders. They have power to use force when enforcing the law as required by the state law. There are different police structures in the US and each structure has a head though they have different definitions including CEO, Director and Commissioners among others (Walker, 2005) Central Intelligence Agency The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is one of the US police structures.

It’s a civilian intelligence agency that is responsible in providing the US government with intelligence on national security matters. The CIA department engages in different convert activities as directed by the president. The main responsibilities of the CIA are to collect information from other governments, companies and also advising the US policy makers. CIA is headed by DCI (Director of Central intelligence), the highest officer in the department.

DCI has different responsibilities assigned to him in order to afford leading the agency effectively and provide the aspired outcome. He has different responsibilities including; • Advising the president on intelligent matters regarding the national security. • The DCI is responsible of evaluating all information that is forwarded by other departments, agencies and entities in the US regarding the national security.

• The DCI is responsible of developing any strategy or objective of the intelligent community in order to improve its capabilities in handling any future needs for national security and foreign intelligence. • He is also responsible for appointing and evaluating any officers that are responsible for national intelligence matters. • The DCI is also responsible of recommending to the president a person to be appointed to fill a position in the intelligence and national security senior position (Neocleous, 2004).

Drug Enforcement Administration DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is a department within the US department of justice that deals in combating the use of drugs in the US as well and drug smuggling within the US territories. DEA works together with the department of defense in pursuing all related drug issues within the US. DEA is headed by the Administrator of Drug Enforcement (ADE) who is appointed by the president and is confirmed by the US senate. • He is responsible for reporting to Attorney general through his deputy.

• He is also responsible to recommend any person who is found to be perfect to fill a position in his department • He is also responsible in authorizing recruitment in the department when the need arises. • On the other hand, he is also responsible for developing strategies as well as evaluating then in order to determine their effectiveness in employment by the department in line of duty (Bayley, 1979). The responsibilities of these heads of the above agencies are to ensure that their respective departments are working and achieving their targets that influenced their formation.

The staffs below them are responsible and subjected to adhere to the head’s commands and on the other hand, the head is responsible of listening to the people below them and attend to their grievances. Reference: Bayley, H. (1979). “Police Function, Structure, and Control in Western Europe and North America: Comparative and Historical Studies”. Crime & Justice 1: 109–143. Neocleous, M. (2004). Fabricating Social Order: A Critical History of Police Power. Pluto Press Walker, S. (2005). The New World of Police Accountability