Police officer on a crime scene

The federal and state courts require the verdict be judged only on the evidence presented at the trial. Some minorities experiencing unfairness may be tempted to make decisions based on what they know. “A primary goal of the jury selection process is to identify and excuse prospective jurors who might not decide the case based solely on the evidence presented at trial. Jurors are not permitted to be unsworn witnesses. Nor may they rely on their own personal knowledge of the facts, the law, or the character of the witness” ( Denton, 1997). These rules confirm America has an unfair judicial system.

If either attorney discovers verdicts were judged on non authorized information, the integrity of the courts and judicial system can be compromised. In criminal cases, jurors, judges and attorneys have no idea what occurred during the arrest and what caused the incident resulting in incarceration. Many things go unsaid, for political correctness reasons. “Diverse jurors are more open minded about discussing controversial issues” (Dahl, 2006). An all White jury may be reluctant to convicting dangerous criminals. This is due to political correctness.

In criminal cases, by the time a police officer arrives at a crime scene, they are told how to write the police report. In many criminal disputes, one person involved is putting on a rehearsed act. The act is instigated by the people calling in the police report. Many officers have an ear piece. Someone else in a vehicle close by is listening in on the conversation. Police are told to avoid situations discrediting political standards. Jurors are told what the prosecutors want them to know. Prosecutors are only allowed to find out what the court system wants them to know.

Prosecutors must also follow political standards, if they are to stay employed. Blacks, especially educated Blacks, understand that minorities are very obedient. Their downfall occurred by following a respected persons suggestion. Because Blacks feel the consequences of judgments by everyone, they are taught to listen to authority, teachers, police officers, and their employers. This often turns against them. Particular individuals, including but not limited to racial minorities, have a better chance of learning why they have been treated unfairly, in schools, jobs, and society.

“Although Blacks and Hispanics made up 12% of the population in 2000, the constituted over half of all federal and state prisons”  (Editorial, Judging the Prosecution). Some of these people deserved to be incarcerated. However, many middle class, middle aged white women deserved to be incarcerated. Some of these minorities ended up in prisons for obeying and following suggestions. Once a government person creates documentation, their credibility depends on their target going in that direction. Resolution; There are some areas requiring prosecutors to follow regulations ensuring fair jury selection.

The real solution is discrediting the racial profiling. Even minority jurors, judges and police officers are programmed to view minorities as more deviant. Discrediting racial profiling prevents innocent minorities from being brought into the courts in the first place. Discrediting racial profiling also takes dangerous criminals out of public. When racial profiling stops, the actual behavior is recognized. Source of the problem must be acknowledged. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission employs people because racial discrimination exists. It is the organizations advantage for racial discrimination to continue.

Making conscious efforts to hire minority’s does not stop racial profiling. Everyone still carries an unconscious opinion of minority’s in legal professions. EEOC forms a network with school teachers and other social service employees. When these groups call in fictitous police complaints, or write up bogus reports, they need to be taken to justice. When this happens, the discrimination among minorities will end. Conclusion; Racial minorities are prevented from a major part of the legal system because it would overthrow the entire government. Many of these government organizations would not exist.

These government organizations existences depend on the expense of the civil rights of so many people. According to the political community, racial minorities have just as much opportunity to acquire the same positions as Caucasians. The only exception is to hold office, they must be a natural born US citizen, (excluding Arnold Schwarzenegger). Allowing racial minorities in official legal positions is contradictory to the same political system who gave them handouts because they were determined ineligible for employment. Notes; Carter, T. (2005, April).

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