Police Corruption in USA

What factors need to be addressed concerning complaints against law enforcement officers and race or ethnicity of the complaining person? What can be done to improve this area? What is the purpose of a “police-community relations” (PCR) unit in a law enforcement agency? What are the benefits and criticisms of such units? How effective is race relations training? What else can be done to improve race relations? Law enforcement agencies have a duty to protect the community. Thus the community should be given a priority and efforts should be made to see to it that services in delivered to the community.

These includes the attendance to complains of the individual citizens. One way to ensure that the community is properly served is to ensure that agency procedures and their actions are effective and reasonable. This can be done through provision of accessible processes by the agencies by which community and agency members can have confidence that the raised complaints will be attended. A police community relation unit has a number of roles in a law enforcement agency such as providing seminars to the community.

This helps the community to know how the police department work and the areas where one can get the help from. Also the police-community relation unit may offer drug abuse resistance education. This brings an anti-drug and an anti-violence message to the young people in the society. They may offer police Activity leagues. There are programs offering healthy safe activities to the youth of our community as an alternative to street crime, drugs and violence. Also, they may conduct race relation training programs where people are trained to accept and live in harmony with each other in the society. (Walker, 2004)

By and large, we find that the police community relation unit helps to improve the life of people in the community. Through race relation training programs they, train people to accept each other and eliminate racism. Through drug resistance education, they eliminate drug abuse in the society and bring up an up sight community. Race relation training is an effective form of solving in dealing with the issue of racism in the society. This is because by the end of the training one is made to understand that they are supposed to live like people of the same caliber, be it race, skin color or nationality.

People are made to accept that they should accept and live with each other and after sometime, they are found to accept it and live in harmony thereby eliminating racism. Other steps should be taken to improve race relation. Such as training or even involving people of all the races to he police unit to show them that they all have the same chances to serve the community. Also the use of computerized way of checking where thee machine is not in a position to discriminate on grounds of color or race. (Walker, 2004) M13 What is the definition of “police corruption”? How does police corruption cost society?

What are the five types of corruption described in the textbook? What do you picture when you hear the term “police corruption”? Police corruption may be termed to mean a particular form of police misconduct and which may at times involve political corruption designed to gain a financial benefit for the officer in exchange not pursuing or partly pursuing an investigation or assert an abuse of police authority for personal or organizational gain. Example of these ranges from major drug trafficking and money laundering to minor everyday violation of laws. (Walker, 2004) In one way or the other, police corruption has an impact on the society.

This is because we find that in everything that one does, he or she has to include the police. That is the police are involved in day to day life. We find that some of these activities for example if a police is bribed to let a certain company go on with an environmentally unfriendly activity, it may be costly to the society as we find that there will be a lot of health problems resulting into more costs to the society. Police corruption means that the police services which are supposed to be free and fair are interfered with and they can not be good performance or there is low performance. This adds up an extra cost to the society.

Corruption may be classified in various groups. These range from the extent of corruption to the reason behind the activity. Some of these types are Petty corruption. This is a type of corruption which involves people in public office. If is practiced in small scale and it involves relatively a small amount of money. There is no much organized system and there are speed payments. Public servants abuse their positions y accepting a benefit for what is a routine transaction or approval. Discussed in the book also is the most dangerous and covert type of corruption. This is the grand corruption.

There are distances where policy making, its design and implementation are compromised by corrupt practices. It is found where top officials for example the head of ministries are bribed so that they can let or give tenders to some specific people when decision making. This type of corruption occurs in political, financial and administrative centers of power. Also discussed in the same book is the business corruption. In this type, it is rarely considered a crime but rather as a means to accelerate business processes. It is a case where people are bribed so that they can act quickly in the businesses that they are involved.

In this type, the end results happen to be the same as the corrupt free zone but the only difference is the time taken. Any type of bureaucracy channel is bypassed and time is utilized. Also discussed is the organized corruption. This is a type of corruption where there is a well organized system of corruption. It is well organized such that there is a laid plan on whom to bribe, how much should be offered and the one who is bribing is confident that he will receive the favor in return. This type of corruption is often practiced by crime gangs and syndicates. Also discussed is the chaotic type of corruption.

It is the opposite of the disorganized system where there is no clarity regarding whom to bribe, how to bribe or even the amount of money to offer. There is no guarantee that further bribe will not be given to other officials and no reasonable assurance that favor will be given. (Walker, 2004) When I hear the term police corruption I picture a case where I can not have anything done without chucking out some extra cost. This would or will consequently expand my budget. It should be a case where the country is free off corruption. One where one gets served by the police unit in time and without producing some extra cost.