Police abuse

The editing of the video can be the product of anti police bias and has proved to be the partial version of the video which does not depict the entirety of the truth. However the video was a very graphic depiction of the events that took place and lacked even the slightest trace of evidence that the officers were forced to use violence. The video made it seem like the officers were beating King just to get the kicks out of it. The video was reviewed several times by the FBI, the district attorney and the defendant’s lawyers.

It was later on concluded by the LAPD detective that the intentions were not to carry out brutality and this outcome was unintentional. It was an act which was not carried out with a clear and rational mind but a quick and panic stricken attack to bring things under control. This gives us a clearer picture of how things were actually unfair on both sides but perhaps the individual who benefited the most out of this situation was King who won the lawsuits whilst the lives of the officers were next to ruined.

Either that or they really did deserve to be ousted and ostracized in society for their somewhat inhumane actions. (Canon, 1999) The beating of Rodney king proved to be a landmark in the history of police forces using violence to bring things under control even where they are not necessarily required. If indeed the beating is considered as an attack on King then it is safe to suggest that it backfired in the ugliest manner possible. What the result of the beating was that it damaged the image of the LAPD as well as their reputation to such an extent that it had rather long lasting results.

The intensive media coverage ensured the crippling effect on the morale of the LAPD. Despite all these sound conclusions, the fact remains that their had been no video their would not have been such media amplification. There are many instances where the police have dealt with much force and brutality but it did not come under public eye simply because it’s the word of the law enforcement agencies as opposed to the victims. Many a times cops cover up the happenings of certain events that do not go in their favor.

They indulge in acts such as bribing, lying and using their authority in an unjust way. It happens that other members of the police force might know that their counterpart is lying but refuse to speak out as per their agreement to follow by the rules of the “blue wall of silence”; a form of police support that protects others from being prosecuted or even questioned. The code of silence was also a part of the LAPD like it is of many other forces.

It is often the case that the police use violent force on the pretext that the victim is an offender and has to be dealt harshly. (Martin, 2005) If King for instance had been a law abiding citizen from the very beginning which he was not the situation would have become more inflammatory. On march 28th 19991 it was reported by the Los Angeles media that King was being investigated for two robberies earlier that year. However it was later proved to be a frame up by the LAPD meant to tarnish Kings Image whilst reinstating the innocence of the police officers.

King was a man who although did indulge in some major offences was not as hard as the media portrayed him to be. The defendants showed their case in such a way that resulted in them being perfectly valid for their actions of force. They were of the notion that King was in charge the whole time and it was vital for them to bring him under their control using any force necessary. However even after he was contained and unable to retaliate they still beat him up brutally.

They cleverly tried to evade the real issue of their misconduct by pinning the blame solely on King. Police abuse is not a new phenomenon it has been carried out since as long as authoritative power has existed. More often then not police force is accompanied with intimidation. Most victims are afraid to speak out about the atrocities carried out against them since they can later on be treated with retaliation. Besides this significant point they are mostly not taken seriously therefore not many people go ahead with filling their complaints. (Martin, 2005)