Plaintiff attorneys or government agencies

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock. Can you hear it? That is the sound of time passing me by without me utilizing that time practicing Labor and Employment law. So I have decided that the time has come for me join the game that I have watched from the sidelines and wanted to join in for the past 10 years. I am sure that you can tell that I am a bit more mature in age than the average law student because I obtained my college degree from the University of Pennsylvania way back in 1997.

For the past 10 years, I have worked on building a strong  and solid foundation in the Labor and Employment law arena. I accomplished this through my many years of Human Resources experience within multi-national companies. It is this first hand experience that sets my application apart from the rest of the run of the mill applications that your law school receives. Rewind my life back ten years and I probably would have written a generic statement about wanting to become a lawyer. Now, I want to fondly look back on those times that led to my desire to become a lawyer.

Back in the early 1990’s, I thought I had it all in terms of academic and leadership abilities. I was an USA Today All-American with numerous accolades including athletic scholarships and a congressional nomination that led to my acceptance into West Point. Even then I had this burning desire to pursue equal rights and insure every ordinary person’s right to the non judgmental protection of the law  But we are in the year 2007 now and my views and understanding of the things happening around me have changed, as they should, with the times.

I am beyond the simple understanding of what the law is and how lawyers can effectively use it to aid those who need it the most. These days, I can tell you that I have been steadily exposed to the various facets in the legal world and spent time collaborating with some fantastic legal minds long enough to realize that the experience I hold will translate into my becoming a highly competent and effective Labor and Employment attorney. So, why do I want to become a licensed lawyer focusing on Labor and Employment law?

It all stems from my 10 years of HR experience that has triggered a keen interest in the legal relationship between employees and companies. In that time, I have investigated and resolved numerous complaints of disparate treatment, disparate impact, harassment, unfair labor practices, unfair non-compete agreements, and unlawful discharges within both union and non-union environments. Many of these cases were investigated and resolved internally. However, many were escalated to external Plaintiff attorneys or government agencies such as the EEOC or the New York State Division of Human Rights.

In these cases, I worked with company counsel in order to resolve and investigate the matter. Honestly, I’m sick and tired of just “sitting on the sidelines” and acting in a support role to corporate counsel. I want to be in the thick of the battle arguing the cases and defending the company’s or the employee’s position. There are some fascinating cases that exist in the workplace that I do not have the luxury to delve into extensively within this paper.

As a quick note though, there is a lot of injustice that exists in the workplace on both sides of the table. When I attend law school, I want to learn about as much of the laws of the land as possible before I concentrate on Labor and Employment Law because one never knows which laws may correlate to certain issues and topics. I expect Fordham Law School to teach me as much as possible about the law. I want to learn what the law is, where to find it, and how to apply and manipulate it.

I need to learn to feel, act, and most importantly, think like the best of the legal minds in the country. Armed with this legal training, I am positive that I will become a dominating force within my area of specialty-Labor and Employment Law. It will not be hard for me to accomplish my dreams and ambitions in the field of Labor and Employment law once I have completed my law studies. I already have the existing legal system contacts to help me get on the right track career-wise after I graduate.

There will be no need for me to rely on career placement offices because I have already developed a highly effective legal system relationship with the lawyers and partners at the firm of Jackson Lewis, a major employment and labor law firm . The firm has already offered and given me a standing invitation to join the firm upon completion of my law studies. In fact, there has been talk within the firm of allowing me to work more closely with the lawyers of the firm as I go through Law School in order to insure my smooth transition into the firm as soon as I graduate and pass the BAR exams.

I have carefully plotted all my actions in relation to my quest of becoming a lawyer, This is my vision for my future  and my contribution to society. I will be the best lawyer in the land whose main concern is the welfare of his client and not the money that can be earned from representing the client. Money will not be the reason why I will choose to represent a client, I will represent anybody who needs and is worthy of  my help regardless of his financial capabilities. I will give my clients the best representation that I can offer them because that is what being a lawyer is all about.