Physical Security

All businesses and companies have to take care of there assets one way or another. We may think. “What assets? ” It could be from money to merchandise or vehicles. It may just be the smallest thing in the world that may mean something to some type of company or even a person. The importance of the security designs, concepts and evaluation can be what keeps something of value safe. Anything can be considered of value. By having the security, we can all accept that it may be safe. But not without taking a deeper look into the physical security of the business.

The security design is what will more than likely keep intruders from trying to enter a property. The design would include what kind of barriers, will the structure have to stop someone from entering or get throw them by other means. Some barriers are meant to stop others from entering for certain amount of times to give police time to arrive at sites. In the design all aspects of security would be looked upon also as to what security procedures should be run and how should they be run. The personnel would have regulations to go by and have good understanding of tasks given to accomplish.

The communication that would be used to interact with other security personnel and the security systems that may be implemented may be another important aspect to the design consideration of the security plan. A lot of time and effort has to be put into consideration when we are attempting to have a good security design in hands. Any small mistake or overlooked fact can become loss of assets. From having software that may not be meant for the security jobs to having doors that may not be strong enough to handle some type of forced entry.

There a lot of aspects to be looked upon to be able to have a good design at hand. All vulnerable points should be looked upon. The concepts that would be looked upon should be used to deter all criminals from thinking that they may be able to get away with anything they may have in mind. Having the system that can detect people in premises would be and asset that can keep security personnel at their toes at all times. The type of property that is being broken too should be able to hold back criminals from conducting forced entry.

This may stop criminals from trying to continue to break into a house, building or any other structures. The response of the security will also be one aspect that needs attention to detail too. Because, no one can be at all places at all times the detection, the delay and the response should be will though of to be effective. By having all these concepts looked upon we can continue to have a good clear understanding of the security, that is being ran and or the security plan that’s at hand.

The evaluation of the physical security will end up showing what needs to b worked upon to achieve success. In case of any criminal activity different types of scenarios should always be looked upon to be able cover or aspects of security. If the security systems where not to work the correct way or the security personnel were not following guidelines then there be some re- evaluation or retraining. It would all depends as to what guidelines are being followed.

The security plan made for a facility may not cover all aspects, this is why is everyone job, who is involved with the physical security of a property, structure or business to bring forward information that could make the place a safer one. The local crime and type of asset that is behind closed structures or fences may dictate as to how will our security should be at times. If we are able to over every step and every inch possible there wouldn’t be no crimes committed.

This is why we should always b aware of local events or any issues that may arise in the area to always re-evaluate the effectiveness of our security. Criminals constantly look for new ways to improve the way they retrieve assets. As for physical security, we should always b looking for bigger and better ways to stop the criminals. References Garcia, M. (2008). The Design and Evalutaion of Physical Protection Systems. Retrieved from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/content/eBookLibrary2/content/TOC. aspx? assetdataid=a69bd619-c7c5-44bd-a0a8-23013703075a&assetmetaid=d9fcf947-6d3e-42ea-945d-8cbbd38be179.