Philosophy on /goverment

Government should simply be divided into a quad of branches, with the overall smartest and most experienced men. This philosophy is thought to be ideal in my opinion. It is Ideal to the life styles of millions or even billions of unique individuals. My idea will be best to satisfy and maintain function politically, economically, and personally. It will satisfy according to man kinds’ behavior. To begin with I think it would be ideal for a country to divide itself into four equal sections. Each region of government should contain a chief or leader. When a decision is made that affects them as a whole they should all vote on it, explaining their reasons why they made that decision.

This method would allow four different minds to have a heard voice and insight. Like Montesquieu thought so as well “He believed…separating political powers into different branches” ( but I also agreed with Hobbes who thought that the smartest man could always win, so decision making should be held by above average men. Like the U.S. this government will contain three branches that watch and keep each other in check, especially with four different leaders. They will be almost identical to legislative, executive, and the judicial Branch. This way power is separated so widely that it’ll decrease the chances of a leader trying to rule with absolute power. Not in a decent country. Laws will be edited according to statistics and data surveyed to the public. Personally, I think it’s a mistake for a country to keep laws made in a different century, never mind era. For example in the U.S.