Pest Analysis Toyota

The Toyota automobile company as it began, specialized in making cars, but now also forms a leading pioneer in bus, trucks, robot manufacturer, truck, auto and financial service providers. The Toyota logo is a simple one, derived from a Japanese word meaning ‘eight’ which was thought of as bringing luck and success which the company’s journey cannot be denied of. The Toyota logo, much like the company itself, is recognized as a paramount in the world of automobiles. The logo speaks of simplicity and elegance with a sleek look, upbringing style, attraction and philosophy all at one place. Design Elements of the Toyota logo:

The unique design of the Toyota logo not only symbolizes great quality but also ties the tradition of its founders by the Japanese culture behind it. The parallel ovals represent the company’s trust to its customers and a promise of satisfaction. Shape of the Toyota logo: The shape of the Toyota logo is elliptical, appearing as an oval slightly elongated from the horizontal sides. Furthermore, there are three ellipses symbolizing the heart of the customer; the product and the great advancements in the technology the company has made. Color of the Toyota logo:

The main colors used in the Toyota logo are red and white, both speaking of their own beauty. The ellipses are made in either red with a white background or seen as metallic; sequentially giving the Toyota logo a sleek and an elegant look. Font of the Toyota logo: The font of the Toyota logo is simple roman style saying ‘Toyota’ which is brief enough to let the customer know of it. Simple yet graceful, the fonts give the Toyota logo the beauty it is worth of. Today, the Toyota Company forms a signpost in the quality automobiles recognized and trusted all over.

The Toyota logo likewise is exclusive in its layout and provides motivation to the customers of its luxurious soothe and quality product.

The current Toyota Mark consists of three ovals: the two perpendicular center ovals represent a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and Toyota. These ovals combine to symbolize the letter “T” for Toyota. The space in the background implies a global expansion of Toyota’s technology and unlimited potential for the future.