Personal Understanding of Crime Commission Sample

Crime or Criminal Activities, is most the times an accident, of course at times they turn out to be accidents too. Reasons may highly vary, yet the cause is the same for any criminal activity. Here, I am elucidating a criminal affair that I closely saw and my personal understanding towards the same. Sumit is an average middle aged person, who is earning the least salary for self and family’s survival. As like all others, even Sumit had his own choices and preferences towards everything. The question of to what extent was he able to fulfill it may give a negative answer, yet desires existed.

On account of gratifying his preferences, he started involving himself in all kinds of illegal activities such as getting bribes and being unlawful. One fine day, as his lust towards posh living grew high, he dared enough to steal off the salary amount that he had to withdraw from the bank and reach it to the office. Something stroke his mind to run off with the cash bag, instead reaching it to office. He all of a sudden disappears with his family members, having in hand the withdrawn money.

The most trusted boss was wondering of his delay in coming, and after enough time gap, he sent a person to his residence to check for his availability. The person returned back stating that there are not even any traces left to notify that they lived there. On knowing that he has absconded, the boss raised a complaint to his head office, as well to the crime branch. With the detailed information given by the boss, about the amount withdrawn and the time of it, the crime branch officials reached out the particular branch where he withdraw the cash, for tracing the serial numbers of the currencies.

The number was sent to entire state police officials and shop owners, whereby tracing happened more effectively. He had lavishly spent the amount on all big shops, wherein one shop owner traced the number and made him red handed to the police. By leaving the entire to suffer alone, Sumit is now paying rewards for the dead of his action. What is sow, so you reap; though, it may sound common and old, for people who knowingly commit mistakes, this is an appropriate proverb even today. Though opportunities and situations are the root cause for people committing crime, it is an excusable reason.

People should be aware that any illegal activity they commit, will end up resulting to pay a high average debt, not only in terms of money, but also mentally and physically. Not just the committed person, but the entire friends and family end up suffering and paying the loss. Crime Commission, to my personal understanding deals with different crime areas such as organized crime, money laundering and economic crime. They protect the society from unlawful activities happening across. They take into account, both the juvenile crime and the crimes committed by adults.

Though sociological theories of crime, define that an individual commit crime only when he is forced for his survival, it is not acceptable by the law. Understanding the notion of the individuals, they call this theory as the Strain Theory of Crime. The behavioral nature of a person itself determines the cause and justification behind being criminal, states the Crime Pattern theory. Based on the crime pattern theory, Sumit has been claimed to be a loyal person of the company, ever since before committing the crime.

Once suspicion occurs, the visibility of the person among the police officials becomes more stringent. Now, though it is very sure that Sumit will not commit a crime again, it cannot be produced as evidence against law. Hence, crime commission is dutiful department which keenly works towards safeguarding the society, thereby criminals needing to be aware of this and keep away from their criminal activities. References http://www. unodc. org/unodc/en/commissions/CCPCJ/index. html http://socyberty. com/sociology/theories-of-crime/