Personal Statement Sample

Every person has a dream. Somebody dreams about a big house, somebody about a luxury car, somebody about some new gadgets, etc. And I am not an exception. I also have a lot of dreams. But all of these my dreams come out of one main dream, it is a good education. I started to think about gaining a good education when I was 12 years old. That time was rather difficult time for our country, and consequently for our family. My father had just started his business in a young country, which had just become an independent state.

I heard his talks about business in our country, about lack of specialists, about development of his business and used to say to myself that I would do my best to help my father when I grow up. Since that time I have been studying hard, attending different courses in order to improve my knowledge. Especially with this aim I had attended English Language Courses in Lewes School of English in UK when I was 13. Later on, when I came back home, in order to improve my language skills I had one-to-one lessons with qualified English speaking teachers. I was interested in not only fluent speaking and writing in English, but also in understanding science and math in English.

That time I used to think that I would be an economist that is why I studied math hard. Two years after, in order to improve my oratorical skills I participated in Model UN General Assembly in Moscow, where I presented my report in front of MGIMO students. Moreover, last year was significant and crucial in my life. In summer holidays I had a chance to study in Lexington Prep School in the USA. Teachers from Lexington made a very deep impression on me being so experienced, having professional degrees from top ranking USA universities, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton and the University of Chicago. After this my experience I have firmly decided to study Business Management.

I have chosen this specialty because I want to help my father in his business. Nowadays, as a result of his hard work, he was recognized as a best distributor of Exxon Mobil products in CIS and Central Asia, and was awarded Silver and then Golden Medals for good business. His business has been rapidly developing and it demands professionals, which have western education and model of thinking.

Moreover, he dreams to pass this big and interesting business to me. That is why, good education is very important for me. I believe, that foreign education, especially western education will help me to gain more experience in business, it will help me to learn the way of thinking as successful business men do. Thus I would like to do my best and apply the knowledge, gained in your UK in our business and as a consequence in our country. Why your University?

Because I think that it is the most experienced University in training Business Management. Because I believe that a chance of gaining education in your university will give me an opportunity to apply all the best western experience in our company and make my own contribution into development of our country. Therefore, I regard your university as the best possible choice for me. A chance of getting education in your university will be honor for me. With this education my dream will come true.