Personal Statement Essay Sample

When I think of the characteristics that describe a great lawyer, terms such as determined, risk-taker, committed, and a fighter all come to mind. A good lawyer is determined to find the truth, not afraid to take risks, committed to his or her clients and to justice, and is willing to fight to uphold his or her values and beliefs. As I continue in my efforts to become a community leader and a better person through the legal profession, I have come to recognize all of these traits within me.

From the moment that I first heard about Pepperdine University’s School of Law, I instantly knew that this was the institution for me. As I researched the values, expectations, and curriculum of this university, I felt a sense of connection, as if this was the road that I was destined to travel. Pepperdine was everything that I wanted in a school; a higher learning institution that would help me balance a career in law with my dedication to my religious beliefs. At Pepperdine, not only could I receive a world class education, but I could also be true to all that I am and all that God desires me to be.

In 2007, with a heart full of faith, I stepped out and applied to Pepperdine, confident that this was the right move for me to make. Unfortunately, my application was denied. Although I was saddened by the rejection, my desire to attend this school did not recede. I was convinced that this was the right place for me. To be the very best lawyer, I would have to attend the best institution of learning. As far as I was concerned, Pepperdine was the best; so I refused to give up. Again, hopeful and eager, I applied to Pepperdine in 2008.

Disappointedly, again I was rejected. I did not take your disapproval personally because I am aware that this a very competitive school that only admits the best and brightest students. Although I feel that I am among the best and brightest, I appreciate the competitiveness of this program. Pepperdine’s commitment to excellence and highly selective standards further convince me that this is the institution for me. There are many law schools available in the United States and a few of them are built on Christian principles.

I currently attend one of these schools, the Ave Maria School of Law. In the acceptance of my inability to get into Pepperdine, I chose to attend another school that upheld similar standards and ethics. Despite my gratefulness to my current educational institution, I continue to believe that attending Pepperdine will provide me with both the in and out of classroom experiences that I need to become a powerful, dynamic, and world-changing attorney. Amazingly, my current university recently announced that they would be relocating their campus to Florida as of Fall 2009.

Once again I have been given the opportunity to apply to this fine establishment. Transferring to Pepperdine would be a wiser move for me than relocating with my current school. Not only is Pepperdine the school of my dreams, but it is located in Southern California, which also would be beneficial for me. I have many close family and friends that reside in this area, as well as the fact that I have a strong desire to practice law in Los Angeles. Being accepted to your school will put me in position to have the support and environment that I need to be successful.

In the introduction to this personal statement I described to you four characteristics of a great lawyer: determination, risk-taking, commitment, and being a fighter. In my pursuit of a law degree I have exhibited all of these traits. I am determined, not only to get an education in the legal field, but to obtain it from the university that will best prepare me for my career. I have taken great risks by apply three times to this school. Most people would have given up after the first failed attempt.

However, I understand that failure is a part of life and that I cannot allow the word “no” to keep me from achieving my dreams. I prove myself to be committed as I pursue my degree with another institution, yet take full advantage of the reapplication process. Finally, I demonstrate my willingness to fight for what is important and what is right. Just as I continue to fight for student status at Pepperdine, I will fight for justice for my clients. I want to be a lawyer because I believe that I can make a difference in this world.

I am a leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to be obedient to the calling on my life. I have been given the special gifts of faith and integrity, and I plan to use these seeds to create a better world. Although my past attempts to gain admittance into Pepperdine University’s School of Law have been denied, I am confident that this committee will consider my growth and resilience as assets that your students should possess, and that you will grant my request to become a pupil at your institution.