Personal crimes Example

The essay is based on the legal issues concerning different types of common personal crimes. Each type of personal crime is discussed, describing how it is perpetrated and the manner in which the victim suffers as a result of the crime. Each type of personal crime discussed in this essay, is then compared to other personal crimes which are closely related to it. The personal crimes that have been discussed in this essay include rape, statutory rape, assault, battery and mayhem. Introduction

Personal crimes refer to violations that take place at a personal level and thus the victim of such crimes is affected in a personal manner. Personal crimes are thus offences that are committed against an individual and not on one’s property. Such crimes include rape, assault, battery, statutory rape and mayhem. These crimes are very significant because their occurrence has a lot of impact on the society. They should thus be discouraged as much as possible because of the negative impacts they have in societies.

Due to the fact the victims of these crimes are affected at a personal level, these crimes have a great impact on the victim’s personal esteem (Bailey, n. d. ). Personal crimes Assault is one of the most common personal crimes which usually involve confrontation or contact between individuals. This crime involves a threat or an offer that is intentional and unlawful, which has the effect of causing bodily harm to the victim through the use of force. Assault takes place under situations which create a fear of imminent peril that is well founded on the victim.

Although in most cases of assault crimes, physical contact is present, it is also possible for it to occur without any physical contact. This crime can involve threats of injury should the victim fail to corporate with the perpetrator. The victim is thus forced to act according to the desires of the perpetrator, in order to avoid the threats issued to him. This type of personal crime is usually perpetrated by individuals who are much stronger physically compared to the victims.

It can also be perpetrated by individuals with more authority or better financial status, in which case they use such advantages to harass the less unfortunate individuals (Starr, 2007). Assault is closely related to other personal crimes. It has a close relationship with battery crime in which case, the victim suffers a series of attacks from the perpetrator. Victims of battery crimes may suffer battery and several forms of threats from the perpetrators of assault crimes. Assault is also closely related to rape since in both cases, force is applied in inflicting bodily harm to the victim.

A rape victim may also receive some beating from the perpetrator in order to facilitate cooperation (Lippman, 2009). Battery is the intentional or willful touching of an individual against his or her will, by another individual or by a substance or object set in motion by the perpetrator. Touching an individual offensively is also classified under the personal crime of battering. In both battery and assault, one of these privileges must be missing; self defense, police conduct, consent, defense of other people, mutual or voluntary combat, merchant’s privilege and property defense.

Regardless of how proactive or insulting words can be, they cannot be used in justifying a battery or an assault against the individual uttering them. Battery is very closely related to rape and assault since just like in these two crimes, force is applied as well as lack of several privileges by the victim. Just like in the personal crime of battery, a rape victim is likely to be battered and threatened frequently especially when both the victim and the perpetrator are living under the same roof. Also in both battering and assault, intentional and willful touching of the victim takes place (Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990).