Personal & Community Health

Stress; can have a major affect upon your body. It can be detrimental to your health. An increase to your stress levels stress can cause neurons to die which leads to headaches, anxiety and depression. In the digestive system there can be mouth ulcers and cold sores. In the circulatory system the constant elevated blood pressure and heart rate increases risk of blood clots or heart attack. Your breathing also quickens increasing your chances of colds or respiratory infection, while it also depressed your immune system leaving you more likely to get an infection.

This has shown me that if you are constantly stressed out you will be more likely to continually be sick which in turn can lead to you becoming more stress. It is therefore important to constantly manage your daily stress levels. Psychological health; and well being are very important to your overall health, mentally and physically. A person who is in good psychological standing is able to: function and carry out their responsibilities, they have a realistic perception of motivation of others, have rational and logical thought patterns, and they are able to adapt to adversity and change.

Health is just not physical, your mental stability and health are also vitally important to your wellbeing overall. In order to be physically health you must also be psychologically healthy. MyPyramid; is an approximate to the amount of each food type that you should consume daily. It also gives you some rough guidelines for exercise time and to eat according to your personal calorie needs. It is important to eat a range of foods. A balanced diet is a key ingredient to helping your body maintain itself as well as to provide you with energy to make it through your daily tasks.

Wellness-Illness Continuum: is an indicator of which way your health is going. You can be in average health yet you are heading towards illness. Or you can be of average health and heading towards optimal health and wellness. This has shown me that even though you may be healthy you have to make sure you are heading towards the optimal health and wellness with a zest for life and emotional growth rather than illness and worst case scenario premature death.

Managing your Weight; is also an important part of being healthy. Depending upon your age, gender and height you should maintain a certain weight. This can be done by eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. Being an active person myself, I know how hard it can be to maintain your weight. I have the opposite problem to most people. I struggle to put on weight so I have to be very certain about what I eat and the amount of cardio exercise I do weekly.