People should not be afraid of their Goverments

Nowadays governments are not interested in their people, but by his own good. People should not afraid their governments, governments should afraid their people, because this way the rights of people will be suppressed and governments should think about their people , not for their own benefits. Now, at this stage of life, some people are afraid to speak out, because no one can hear them, and some do not even bother to oppose the ridiculous laws and restrictions imposed on them. Governments do what they know; people’s eyes gloss over and let them try. And governments should take care of people.

To create laws to protect the rights of the people, not to trample them. People give up the fight for a better life because of them is pointless. They have lost hope that something can be changed and their lives could be better. Every day people from the government, ordinary people, some of the people, trample the rights of its people and its. But they are privileged, and there secret doors from where the climb stolen money from his own people and country. People in government are not interested in people.

They are interested in the benefits of your work poorly done. They forget that the people of the herb, and that the same people whose rights are suppressed; it was elevated to their position. And they trampled rights of licorice, this has motivated them to rise for the rights of the people, but on top of it all is forgotten and the fame and money became the sole objective of the foolish man of the people whose power transcends borders. Power of such people should be deprived of them. Stupidity of people encouraging them to wrong decisions and beliefs, that the policies will be better than the previous. So people should not afraid their governments. Governments should afraid their people. Nadia Petrova 11v; № 18.