Peace Within Society

Laws, they’re put in place for public safety, they’re guidelines to peace within society, but is it ever permissible to disobey a law? I would not say it is ever permissible to disobey the law, as that implies you are permitted to defy it, which contradicts the general purpose of the law, however, laws may be conditional. Under certain situations, the law does not apply. For instance, jaywalking is acceptable as long as you are not disrupting traffic. It is only illegal if traffic is disrupted.f

This is effectively incorporated into the law; therefore, you’re not truly breaking it. Likewise, breaking the law can be justified, for example, if one were to break into someone’s car because they left their baby/pet in it. The illegality associated with destroying someone’s property, in this case, can be justified on the basis of it being a question of ethics. A difference of opinion given by my partner was that laws are there to make sure people follow and remain equal within society.

For one to break the law and not receive consequences would question the level of authority a law has over its population. I countered, by mentioning that the law does not work in every situation and nothing in this world can always be strictly obeyed ex. rules and laws. There will consistently be loops or circumstances that will permit or force one to break the law. In some cases, you may need to break the law to spare something more significant for the greater good. Regarding the aspect of laws losing their authority, I voiced that some laws are based on unjust and/or ill-conceived ideas. Laws were made by humans; humans are not perfect.

In the instance of breaking a law, an opportunity is provided to legislatures to review the current law and make amendments to provide a better fit for society. After my discussion, I still hold my argument that only when the law is broken can it be justified and further, this is only the case when the result is positive. Further considerations made included the following questions; How much of the law would one disobey? How would one go upon disobeying the law? How much of a risk would it be to oppose the law? Would one be willing to accept the consequences? If all of the theses sub-questions are considered in a position of saving or avoiding a larger issue than it should be permissible.