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Mercy killing known also as Euthanasia sounds some thing like “Asia”, but it relates to most painful and enigmatic question for the terminally ill patients, be it cancer, AIDS, accidental or traumatic coma, and innumerable incurable diseases, waiting for the end to come but the end is not so easy but quite painful: What is the meaning of Euthanasia? It is an ancient Greek word literally to mean “Good Death”.

The children, old women and men afflicted with cancer diseases undergo enormous excruciating pain in every part of the body, bones; muscles so on and so forth. Can we describe pain? No! Nevertheless, a piece of note could be seen what actually the pain is! “Immediate pain unpleasantness causes extended emotions related to pain. For example, in a cancer patient, a sudden exacerbation of pain is a reminder of the disease, which can lead to pain negative emotions. Hypnosis applies also to this part of the pain experience, because the patient, during hypnosis, can reinterpret his sensations and emotion,” describes an authority.

The quality of life, in such a serious critical conditions, is bleak, caregivers stress is insurmountable, and the only prayer is that “DEATH” should embrace the patient in good grace for an eternal peaceful abode. In such a situation, if the death is not imminent but sure, the question arises why not the patient be artificially induced for a death, of course medically. The borderline answer is that in God’s creation,” no person has the right to kill others, he/she, including the born or unborn”. Mercy Killing is legally punishable and religiously a sin however worst may be the condition of the patient. In addition, doctors are afraid to openly discuss end-of-life decisions with patients due to illegalities.

This prevents an open and honest relationship between doctor and patient in which the doctor can discover the patient’s wishes regarding his/her own life and death. In contrary to noble thoughts that life is precious whatever worst form it may lie, there is a horrific history of holocaust in “mercy killing” in Hitler’s Nazi Regime. Hitler never wanted a single mentally or physically disabled children, women or men and ordered to execute them mercilessly in hundreds and thousands of patients in operation called T4. He is the one who invented euthanasia to use it deliberate imprudence and there was a first child victim to his invention. To study the efficacy and need to prevent euthanasia, some authentic sources are relevant .”

Currently there are cases of misuse of euthanasia, for example in cases where the patient is pressured by family members to give consent to the ending of their lives. The legalization of voluntary euthanasia provides an opportunity for safeguards against just such a situation, and other instances of coercion and fraud” As far as India is concerned, most mother are said to have a disliking for female child. A simple scan if reveals a viable female fetus and they presumably run for abortion, with the medical aid or illegally with the help of quacks to imperil the both the lives. In every medical centre, there is statuary warning that the physicians concerned will not reveal the gender to the patient.

The Netherlands and Belgium, the only 2 countries to explicitly legalize euthanasia says Alan G. Williams, JD, Reviewer Physicians Medical Legal Prevention, LLC, as detailed in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) Countries allowed to practice euthanasia: Non-active euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is legal in three US states; The U.S.A

•Oregon•Washington•Montana•New Hampshire is currently considering a bill on assisted suicide Active euthanasia, commonly referred simply as euthanasia, is only legal in: The Netherlands•BelgiumAssisted suicide is also legal in:•Albania•LuxembourgThe question most important is here is whether the too terminally ill, with the pain which cannot be described by words, should they live waiting for the death to grace or can euthanasia be legally permitted for the to embrace death with dignity. In the Doctor NDTV Opinion poll, people have voted 67% in favour of euthanasia and 33% in disfavour. Nevertheless, majority of the countries are not in favour of euthanasia. (Disclaimer: While analysing the subject the writer has taken due care for authenticity and relevancy of the facts and figures from the available sources. The article is written in total humanitarian values, with the view of general interests. Suggestions are always welcome to improve the subject)