Parents as Heros

In today’s modern times we hear the word hero all of the time. The news people like to use the term as if it is an everyday word. When someone thinks of their heroes, people usually think the prime minister and such. These people are respected as they have changed the world for many people and have helped shape the world everyone wants and agree with. But in my opinion, heroes can be anyone we cherish or anyone that has helped us become a better person. My heroes have helped me since I was born and never stopped looking out for me.

These heroes are my parents. My parents are my heroes because they have supported me and my family in every way possible from the day I was born. They provide everything I need such as food, water and shelter. They also do not give me everything I want but sometimes understand and buy me the item I want as I surprise and for that I am always happy for what they did. My parents are heroes to me and the rest of my family because they don’t just tell me what is right and wrong but they explain and they teach me the most important lessons in life.

Some of the things that they teach me is how valuable money is and that doing your best is very important and therefore I believe they are the best teachers. I have realised that when you grow up seeing how your parents act you usually end up acting that way and since you believe that behavior is acceptable, when you see your parents doing it, you look up to them. Although I have also realised sadly as children grow up they don’t admire their parents as much anymore because they don’t see parents changing the world and that they aren’t real superheroes.

My parents were really good at answering questions too. No matter how tired or busy they are they would explain a lot meaning of words to me. They look out for me in the strangest ways when I was younger they made me do a lot of chores and I would be so angry because that cut my TV time, I have now learnt that they were preparing me for the future. My parents are my heroes because they were respectable people. They have good lessons, and were always there for me. They were not perfect although as we cannot expect our parents be perfect in every way.