Pakistan Election 2013

Today I received a text message at my cell and it quotes ” we are writing the history to save the next generation to save Pakistan from extremism, terrorism, Satanism, poor-ism, humanist, racism and militancy. Rise and help in the winning the battle against forces of darkness on 11 May vote for PTI” and i was gone in deep thought some sort of vivid and some vague. that were IMRAN KHAN or PTI is the real solution to the Pakistan current bad circumstances.

Last Friday I visited Swat and I found no such candidate from PTI that will win against any other candidate. is this mean that situation of swat will be never changed or is this mean that future of swat will be darken? and the answer is no and let me justify what i am saying. AS i wrote in the last column that never underestimate the power of a single but what if one is saying about a group or a political party, the statement goes wrong.

The cureent leadership of PTI is with IMRAN KHAN following by some great leaders as Javed Hasmi and Shah mehmood Qureshi. but what about other political personalities; let me explain it by example. Khajwa Muhmmad Khan Hoti was elected by the people of mardan under the umbrella of ANP and then he resigned from the seat due to the clashes on ministries and joined PTI but when IMRAN KHAN denied him to take part in election 2013 in other words he didn’t got party ticket for election 2013 from PTI, he moved to PML-N and there he got the ticket. i can’t understand that is the decision was correct or not was this decision was in favour of PTI ir not. but many of such corrupt personalities has joined PTI and got tickets for election 2013.

What about party workers? are they much sincere to Pakistan or just following the blown air named after “tsunami” the statement is true that about 40% of candidates are from youth side but are they so mature to lead the nation. I am not against PTI but i will never favour IMRAN KHAN too. if you are going to poll in election 2013 then think before you going to cast it. support one who will make the nation bright and developed.

Please Avoid individuals thoughts and concentrate on At last i will end the note by another message and it quotes “An army unit had shortage of socks. One day the commander said “Soldiers! There is a Good news and a Bad news. The good news is you are going to change your dirty socks and the bad news is that you are going to exchange them with each other”” This is same as Democracy in Pakistan: we keep on choosing the same rotten old leaders and they just keep on changing parties or positions. THE SYSTEM REMAINS SAME.