The Terms ‘Terrorism’ Originated During the French Revolution

Origination of terrorism:

The terms ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ originated during the French Revolution of the late 18th century but gained mainstream p0pularity during the U.S. presidency of R0nald Reagan (1981–89) after the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings and again after the September 11, 2001 attacks. From last 17 years, after 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center Towers in USA, thousands of people died all around the world due to terrorism. Terrorism is the biggest problem faced by the whole world now a days. Many innocent people died due to terr0rism. According to the Gl0bal Terrorism Database maintained by the University of Maryland, College Park, more than 61,000 incidents of non-state terrorism, resulting in at least 140,000 deaths, have been recorded from 2000 to 2014. Alm0st all the countries faced great losses due to terrorism but it greatly affected Muslim c0untries especially Asian countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and philistine.

Terrorism and Muslim countries:

After 9/11 world started thinking that Muslims and terrorism are somehow related because the militants which were involved in 9/11 attacks were wearing the identity of the Muslims although 0ur religion Islam gives the message of peace and love forbid killing the innocent people. USA accused Usama Bin Laden, head of Al-Qaida (a militant organization), 0f these attacks. Usama Bin Laden, was hiding in Afghanistan in th0se days. USA had demanded Afghanistan to hand over Usama Bin Laden. Afghanistan government had been ruled by Taliban (another militant group) refused to hand over Usama Bin Laden. That had built a strong reaction all over world. A C0alition including super powers of world had been formed against terrorism after getting approval from UN Security C0uncil Allied forces invaded Afghanistan. That war badly effected Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. Pakistan has been pushed into the unwanted war which caused a great damage. Similarly, Iraq had already faced the same damage when they were accused of having weapon of mass destruction. Syria faced destructions due to presence of ISIS. ISIS is an extremist militant group creating vi0lence in the world. Philistine is facing the terror of Israel for many decades. 0ther Muslim countries are facing the same like problems due to militants which have taken illegal identity of Muslims.

Islam (The religion of peace):

As we know there are three categories Islam (peace), Iman (faith) and Ihsan (spiritual excellence). These three words, literally and figuratively, represent peace, safety, mercy, tolerance, forbearance, love, kindness, benevolence and respect for humanity. Using Quranic verses and prophetic traditions it demonstrates that killing of Muslims and the practice of terrorism against common people are n0t 0nly unlawful and forbidden in Islam, but also represent a rejection of faith. Islam clearly gives the message of peace. In Quran, in Sunnah you will find 0nly love and peace. There is n0t even a single line to create terror. Infect in every part of life Islam tells us to spread peace and love and to solve all the problems with love, not with war 0r extremism. In Quran Allah (SWT) ordered in several places to spread love and peace in normal conditions as well as during wars. Some people say that Islam advocate’s terr0rism but Islam clarifies this through verses of Quran that “There is no place for killing of innocent people”.

Verse in Quran:

“Whoever kills a person (unjustly), except as a punishment for murder (as a prescribed punishment for spreading) disordered in land, it is as if he killed all of humanity”, (Quran 5:32)

The permission given in Quran 22:40-41 to fight in self-defense was not 0nly granted to defend Muslims from persecution, but to defend Christians, Jews and people of all faiths from acts of terr0r like those committed by ISIS t0day.

According to Hadees:

0ur Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave message of peace and love in entire life. The whole life of 0ur prophet (SAW) spent in spreading love and peace. At different places 0ur Prophet (SAW) gave message to give respect to other’s blood, pr0perty and honor.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said at Khutaba-a-Hajatulwida:

“Indeed your blood and your property and your honor are inviolable, like until the day you meet your l0rd”. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

At another place Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said: “And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden [t0 be killed] except by [legal] right. This has He instructed you that you may use reason.’ (Saheeh)

In short in Quran and in life of 0ur beloved Prophet (SAW) there is not even a single order to create violence or to create terror. Infect at every place there is the message of living with peace and love s0 it clears that there is n0 relation between Muslims and terrorism. They are t0tally different things.

Life of 0ur Prophet (SAW):

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) also faced strict conditions yet he (SAW) remained calm and forbade war and fight. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his (SAW) c0mpanions patiently bore vehement persecution in Mecca for nearly 13 years. This included a three-year starvation boycott from which his wife Khadija (R.S) later passed away. Muslims didn’t fight back. Next, Muhammad (SAW) sent some companions’ t0 seek refuge in Abyssinia under a Christian King, and Muslims still didn’t fight back. Third, when the Prophet’s (SAW) companions even asked to fight back, Muhammad (SAW) responded clearly, “I have n0t been given permission to fight.” And, finally, when the persecution became unbearable, Muhammad (SAW) and the Muslims simply left Mecca – still refusing to fight back. This proofs that if a pers0n is a Muslim he will never going to pr0mote extremism because as a Muslim it is mandat0ry for him to follow the life style and instructions given by his prophet (SAW).

Current situation of W0rld:

The horrendous 0nslaught of terrorism that has continued unabated in recent years has b0ught the Muslim Uma in general, and Pakistan in particular, into disrepute. The 0verwhelming majority 0f Muslims appose and condemn terrorism in unequivocal terms and are unwilling to accept it as even remotely related to Islam. However, a negligible albeit highly visible and vocal minority amongst them seems to 0penly approve of terrorism, and instead of opposing and condemning it, resorts to misleading and fallacious reasoning.

As W0rld is under a great crises of terrorism. There is war between world and terr0rism. Every strong c0untry (superpowers) are trying to eliminate terrorism but also they are the cause of terrorism and they think that Muslims are terrorists and they relate Muslims with terrorism. That’s why they almost destr0yed countries like Afghanistan, Syria, philistine and Yemen. They are facing continually l0se in this war and they are unable in breaking the backbone of terrorism from last 18 years and they destroyed the countries in which they are fighting there war and losing them. In case of Pakistan, unwanted war was tried to be setup on Pakistan but luckily Pakistan got strength that they fought with Taliban as well as the special agencies of different countries with courage s0 that we are living in peace Alhamdulillah. 0therwise it was under plan to destroy Pakistan like they destroyed Syria, philistine and Afghanistan. These circumstances are creating the heightening tensions and creating an atmosphere of trust between the Islamic and Western worlds. The upsurge in terr0rism is paving the way for grater foreigner interference in and pressure on the Muslim nation states.

The widening gulf is not only pushing humanity towards interfaith antagonism at the global level but also reducing the possibilities of peace, tolerance and mutual C0-existence amongst the different societies in this rapidly shrinking and globalized world. Muslims in the world are looked as a terrorists wherever they go due to these militants. Alth0ugh Muslims faced more violence in last decade as compare to 0ther countries. M0stly Muslims lost the lives in suicide attacks, indiscriminate murders, unwanted wars and fighting against these militants. In case of Pakistan, thousands of soldiers embraced martyrdom in fighting against these militants inside the country as well as on the borders. About 70% of attacks in Pakistan were done by TTP in 2016.

But now conditions are quite different. The terrorism in Pakistan is under control. The condition of Afghanistan is better than before. The conditions of Iraq and western countries are also better but Nigeria, Syria and philistine are still facing terrorism badly. Yemen is also facing crises due to western world but United Nations are keeping silent 0n it.

As we know today philistine is facing many crises due to Israel. The violence created by Israel on philistine people is t0tally against the humanity and they are continuously devastating the rights of poor philistine people. Same like India is taking the rights of Muslims of India. From the last 70 years Kashmiri Muslims are facing crises and terrorism cause and imposed by Indian Armed forces. A lot of Kashmiri Muslims embraced martyrd0m during this war. But unfortunately UN are not giving any attention over it. The wh0le w0rld see the terrorism as it is created by Muslims but they don’t give any attention that what the Israel and India are doing in Philistine and Kashmir and how many innocent Kashmiris and Philistines lost the life without any reason.

Pakistan has long been accused by its neighbors India and Afghanistan, and western nations like the United States and the United Kingdom of its inv0lvement in terrorist activities in the region and beyond. But this was bey0nd the truth. Pakistan has faced the most impact of terrorism in the region in previous decade. Pakistan was pushed between the war of TTP and Allied forces after the attacks of 9/11 in which almost 3000 people died.

Pakistan has faced financial, Armed and most of all almost 75000 innocent people died during last 17 years. All l0ss faced by the Pakistan in a war that was not bel0nged to him. Pakistan has been pushed by the Allied forces in the war from the TTP. Although many special agencies of different countries are the main reason behind this terrorism. They had an aim to destroy Pakistan. All militants were trained by these agencies and were sent to the Pakistan to create terror. As a result Pakistan faced difficulties and losses in every filed of life in last 17 years. But n0w Alhamdulillah Pakistani f0rces have broken the backbone of terrorism in the reason. But Pakistan is on the list of the countries that faced a major crises due to terrorism. Als0 attack of Soviet Union on Afghanistan was the first major issue of causing the terrorism in Pakistan. Terrorist activities badly affected the reputation of Pakistan in western w0rld.

Afghanistan has been badly targeted by terrorism. The Allied forces and the TTP militants’ b0th participated in destroying the Afghanistan. Soviet Union in 70s also attacked Afghanistan and killed many inn0cent Afghanis. Afghanistan is considered as the “haven for terrorists”. The main reason of involvement of s0 called Muslims in terrorism is lack of knowledge about Islam in youth and brain washing. That’s why most of them are teenaged. However Allied f0rces are still fighting in Afghanistan and Militants have become stronger than before.

In 1990-91, Iraq attempted invasion and annexation of Kuwait. As a result a war was started by 35 nations lead by United States 0n Iraq. Almost 46900 Iraqi children died during this war. As all the Middle East countries were against Iraq s0 after this the peace and unity between Middle East countries has been disturbed. In 2003 invasion of Iraq had started by Allied forces and killed many Iraqi people in c0ld wars.

N0w a day’s Syria is under a great damage and crises due to presence of ISIS. Syrian civil war is ongoing multisided armed conflict in Syria fought between the “Baathist Syrian Arab Republic’ lead by president “Bashar Al-Asad” along with its allies and the other forces apposing both the government and each other in varying combinations. Iran and Russia support the Syrian government militarily, with Russia c0nducting air operations since September 2015. The U.S.-led international coalition, established in 2014 with the declared purpose of countering ISIL, has conducted airstrikes against ISIL (Islamic state of Iraq and Levant) as well as against government and pro-government targets. Turkey, 0n the 0ther hand, has become deeply involved since 2016, actively supporting the Syrian 0pposition and 0ccupying large swaths of northwestern Syria. Estimates of deaths in the Syrian Civil War, per opposition activist groups, vary between 364,792 and 522,000. Syria also faced financial damage and their land has been devastated due to this war.

On the 0ther hand the rest of the world faced less damage as compare to the Muslim Countries mentioned above. The 0ther Islamic countries also faced terrorist activates in their region and faced loss of important lives of innocent people as well as financial l0ss. The 9/11 attacks, 7/7 attacks in London, Mumbai attacks in 2008, APS attack in 2014 and attacks on Paris in 2017 caused a great damage and unfortunately militants which are s0 called Muslims were inv0lved in them which badly affected the reputation of the Muslims in front of the whole world.


At the end it’s clear that the Muslims faced the most damage by terrorism and it had a bad impact on Muslims in every field. The most important is Muslims lost their reputation in the whole world. They are considered as extremist due to extremist militants and their activities all around the world. All around the world where terrorism takes place these militants are included in them. They aim is to destroy Muslims socially and religiously.