Organized crime

This paper on perception of organized crime will do research and cover the general views and perception of organized crime from students of The University of Phoenix. The students are required to define organize crime and compare this definition with the definition in the reading assignments, then describe the various characteristics to consider that are associated with organized criminal behavior. Finally at the end, after reading this paper, one will be able to analyze personal perceptions of organized crime from the students of University of Phoenix. What is Organized Crime?

First and foremost, the first thing or picture that comes into the mind when organized crime is mentioned, is John Gotti, Al Capone and Paul Castellano, these individuals are some of the well known as members of the organized crime. Many people argue that this named individuals who have previously served jail sentence could serve as perpetrators of organized crime. So, the question is, what is the actually the right definition of organized crime? The student’s definition of organized crime was that, “this is a group of individual who have structured plans and their objective is to get money by or through committing illegal activities.

Individuals who are connected with organized crime meet their financial needs through violence, corrupt officials, and extortion. These individuals end up affecting people from as close as their neighbor hoods and as far away as other countries. (www. fbi. gov). How does your perception compare to the definitions presented in the readings? Perceptions of students doing the research on perception of organized crime are similar to the definitions given in the reading and the research which was completed over last week, since the start of organized crime class.

The biggest difference the student got from the readings and the research over last week is the understanding that there is so much on organized crime than Gotti , Al Capone, and Castellano. The readings and research made individuals to start wondering about the whole matter. Many also wondered about who might be part of committing organized crime in their city, because organized crime is so much broader, than the student ever thought it is. Therefore an immediate, question was, what are the various characteristics or behavior that are consider to be associated with organized criminal?

There are several characteristics that the students were assigned in order to complete this paper associated with organized crime. Some of the characteristics you as the reader may disagree with, but these were the opinions of students. The list of characteristics went like this; Flashy, confident, smart, business minded, controlling, brave, outgoing people, they disregard law enforcers or anyone else in the community and they exhibit selfishness.

The students believe that many of the leaders connected to organized crime are very intelligent and may be smarter than some of the most powerful people leading our country today. Just think about this, if Gotti would have spared his knowledge and apply it in the world in a positive way. The student s’ opinion about Gotti would have been very successful, but the biggest thing is greed without patience and not using knowledge the right way. Conclusion

Hopefully in this paper the perception of organized crime from Student of The University of Phoenix will give readers an insight about the perception of organized crime. The paper covered three different topics about perception of organized crime. The student discussed the definition of organized crime, compared the students definitions of organized crime with a definition from the reading that was assigned last week in class and they listed various characteristics that are consider to be associated with behaviors of organized criminal.