Organized Crime & world

Organized crime has been around for several centuries and in the beginning they were totally separate entities from one another to include being on different continents and having little in common except for the type of crimes they were involved in. Over time and through modernization these crime units have meshed into the same areas all ending in the United States. Where once they didn’t much know of one another, now they fight each other over territorial matters. Organized crime differs from region to region. Each have their own history and their own organizations that entail activities in different realms and on different levels.

Organized crime is all interconnected now more than ever before and where once these factions were 1000’s of miles apart, now they are right next door to each other and spread worlwide. In China, the main group of organized crime is called the Triad which goes back to 1674. (Centre for Criminology) At that time they were more for political reasons, today they are more involved in being terrorists. There is a ladder to climb here. Most start out as bullies whose families are involved and the ages range from 12-18, afterwards they promote themselves to the street gang level which houses ages between 18-25.

It is these two levels that bring the most attention to the police as they are actively creating chaos and and openly creating crimes against society. Like many gangs, the street gangs of the Triad will have a territory and defend that territory as well as harass. The economic powerhouse as it is called is in the Zhejiang Province (Chinascope. A window to reality) and in March of 2006 the Chinese government and law enforcement finally was able to decimate 313 organized crime gangs making a large impact upon the organized crime of China.

In a different area entirely; Japan’s main criminal activites are from the organized crime group called the Yakuza’s. (The Yakuza) This organized crime group has been around for 400 years. They deal heavily in the gambling industry and go against the norm of conformity thus sticking out like a sore thumb. They also have a similar three tierd program of gang business entity, starting with street peddlers, to the gamblers the the hoodlums. The hoodlums were much like the Al Capone’s of the United States. The peddlers were of street market and fairs while the gamblers turfs were of the highway and towns themselves.

The Yakuza’a image is one of outcasts and one of which they enjoy being. All in all there are more than 110,000 members. The Yakuzas also have extended into Asia and the United States. (The Yakuza) Russian Organized crime is originally from the former Soviet Union but is also in many parts of the United States. “ROC groups are involved in murder, money laundering, extortion, auto theft, weapons smuggling, narcotics trafficking, prostitution, counterfeiting currency, and a multitude of complex fraud schemes. ” (Russian Organized Crime (ROC)).

Approximately 200,000 soviet members left the communist rule due to the lack of freedom and the persecution of religion and and came to the United States and many of these were deemed as part of ROC. These ROC members are divided with some maintaining mobility through their loose criminal ties while the other half seems to be of the more professional side, thus effectively creating a “cover” for money laundering and other not so recognizable schemes. Furthermore, with the Berlin Wall now gone there is a government that is now being forced to deal with liberalism thus opening even greater doors for enhanced corruption.

Mexico organized crime is mostly about drugs and death. Much of the drugs obtained in the Western and Midwest parts of the United States has a tie to Mexico and those ties go across the borders when it comes time to dealing with death over the matter of drugs. The land between Mexico and the USA in many areas are ripe with smuggling trades of many sorts with Texas being the hotspot with over 20,000 trucks carrying cargo whether legal or otherwise. The passage through Laredo Texas is nicknamed “The most deadly plaza.

” (Mexico’s Uppermost Threat is Organized Crime ). It is understandable why guns, drugs and even human cargo are able to cross the borders. The thought of checking every vehicle is to overwhelming and is virtually impossible. The different factions of organized crime in Mexico are done by different and unrelated cartels, each of them sometimes fighting to gain control over additional turf or fighting to keep the turf they already have. The organized crime gangs of Mexico are broken down into different areas of what they do.

Cetain cartels deal in alien smuggling, drug trafficking, crimes and terrorist activities. There are numerous different factions, all originating from different countries. At the end of the day, the organized crime groups of Russia, Japan, China and Mexico all have counterparts in the USA. They all fight over territory and the majority have them have similar tiers to their units and they all create similar crimes. There is no one specialty between or among them that differs majorly from another.

The Yakuzas are the only group that seems to be proud of their outcast status and proudly wear the status. The USA in and of itself is primarily made up of organized crime but where once it was the days of the prohibition and Al Capone who didn’t immigrate now it is the immigrants and the modern era of stretching the boundaries and enjoying a different facet to liberalism. Labor unions are a big arena for organized crime and corruption. Originally labor unions were an idea of the USA but in time the idea has spread thus accounting for the “professional” side of organized crime.

Teamsters and Hotel unions and not commonly known, the bartenders union are filled with organized crime as these are great fronts for trafficking of drugs, human slavery and money laundering. These unions control the members in all facets and are also involved in murders of many. All throughout the USA there are labor unions and the majority of them hold some for of tie to an organized crime unit, not only this but many of the members, even if they are in a separate union are related by either blood or marriage and the reason for them to be with a different union is either as a spy or due to bad blood among the “family” members.

This idea of labor unions is not American only by any mean. One of the biggest is that of Italians. This aside, Russia, China, Japan and Mexico all also have their organized labor unions. No matter how much time and effort the government puts forth, this will be a war that does not end, at least not through law enforcement or government intervention. This mix of labor unions and organized crime are hand in hand and are too big with too much corruption to be taken down lightly.

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