Organ Donation

Given that, a young philosopher once said that respected people are those who donate part of themselves. However, we sense a flaw in a goverment system. A flaw that screams total heavy focus on just oneself and not caring about others. Organ donation is encouraged as it saves the life of millions. However, as modernization and technology slowly crawl their way up, it seems that the number of people who are considering organ donation has massively fallen to a stage where an action has to be taken. By refusing organ donation, it screams selfishness.

It screams narcissism. It screams the lack of humanity in our socieity. For that reason ladies and gentlemen, we of the goverment bench have come out with a brilliant idea to curb this problem. Ladies and gentlemen, we, of the goverment side propose the motion today which is THBT Organ Donation Should Be Made Compulsory. Before that ladies and gentlemen. A very good morning I bid to madam speaker, accurate time keeper, honourable adjudicators,worthy opponents of the opposition bench, comrades of the goverment bench and members from this very august house.

Now with the motion THBT Organ Donation Should Be Made Compulsory,we of the goverment side, whole heartedlly propose the motion Now as a second minister from the goverment side, I hereby do two tasks for the house of today. Now first and foremost, to rebutt what the lovely first opposition speaker have to say for today and therefore proceeding with our case and tell you how we stand throughout the debate. First of all, let us just see what the opposition team has brought up substantive (fact) Now moving on to the goverment case of today. Decrease patients financial burdens.

Now Mr speaker, organs are very expensive and not all from walks of life afford this costly yet beneficial thing. The reason for the tremendous price of organs is that organs are something that is so rare. Rare is define as something that is few and uncommon. Ladies and gentlemen, Research and statistic have shown that the citizens who desperately in need of organ transplants are mostly those with lower income. Those with lower incomes exposed more to harm and danger and they are the ones we precended. Ladies and gentlemen, for you and me to undergo an organ transplant, it cost us about 30 to 300,000 thousand Ringgit.

Which is unreasonably expensive to those who are with lower incomes. How can they find that large amount of money when their body cannot even function well? Goverment could give out monetary aid. However, as the number of people who need organs are more than thousand, it is impossible for us goverment to financialy help citizens with lower income. As an alternative, by having continous supply of organs, the price tag of an organ will be decreased. It might even be for free. And we all know how humans react to free items. Next, let’s move on to the second point. Which is decrease in black market trading.

Now Mr speaker, there are many black markets trading human organs which can be decreased by compulsory organ donation. For instance, an estimated that 10,000 black market operations relating human organs happen every year! Most of them are trade in kidneys, because humans can live normally with one kidney and the sellers are poor, even there are some Chinese youths sell their kidney to buy the new iPad! This unethical issue can be reduced by compulsory organ donation that more people can transplant organs from donors and it makes difficulties for the illegal organs trading.