Org Theory Ford Motor Company

1.Ford’s Mission Statement is: One Team, One Plan, One Goal. 2.The primary product that Ford offers is personal automobiles. They also offer work vehicles and service on all their products. 3.Ford as a company was established in 1903. Henry Ford was responsible for making the automobile available for the every-man. He also was responsible for making the assembly line a more effective method of production by simplifying the process and making it run more efficiently. Through the years Ford has been a front-runner in the automobile industry. While they have seen ups-and-downs, they remain an American Staple. 4.The company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

5.Their key leaders are: William Clay Ford, Jr. – Executive Chairman, Allan Mulally- President and CEO, Mark Fields – COO and Bernard Silverstone – Chairman and CEO, Ford Motor Credit Company. They all appear to be in their 50’s and 60’s. 6.There are many members on the board. Mostly men ranging in age from 53-75.

They come from companies such as KPMG, Casiano Communications, PG&E, eBay and CenturyLink. 7.I see Ford as a learning organization. All of their competitors are constantly trying to come out with the next big thing that the consumer wants, or may not even know they want. They have to keep their finger on the pulse and react quickly to keep on top of the game. 8.I think their management style is consultative/participative.

They want to keep their employees happy, which in turn will keep their customers happy. They want feedback from the employees since they are the ones out there getting the one-on-one interaction with the customers. 9.From their website, the strategy is called their ONE Ford plan. The goal of the ONE Ford plan is to provide great products, strong business and a better world. 10.Their competitors are major auto companies; Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. Ford Credit also has to compete with banks and credit unions.