Oration about environment

Power crisis is a perennial problem particularly among nations which are dependent on foreign countries for their energy source. Oil is an expensive commodity, but it is the life-blood of developing nations in their quest for comfort in life. The life of the business world in said countries depends on a highest degree on power run by oil. But they will have to bear the price of oil in order to maintain operation. Energy for household use is therefore given the backseat in importance due to its high cost. We need alternative source for that matter.

Our country, the Philippines, is believed to have rich source of fossil fuel. However, the problem is how to mine it. Foreign investors are usually allowed by government to explore prospect sites. For example, one latest findings of reservoir sands and hydrocarbon at Dabakan in Mapun island, Tawi-Tawi in southern Philippines by the Exxon Mobil Corp., is now in progress. This discovery of hydrocarbons considered to occur naturally in unprocessed petroleum has prompted the company to invest another $100 million for the drilling of another well, news reports says.Significant oil and gas reserves have also been discovered in Malampaya and Galuc fields in Palawan.

There are other sites of more fuel reserves being mined by foreign investors and yet our country imports expensive oil. Isn’t it embarrassing that our country which is rich in fossil fuel underneath, is again being threatened by power shortage, the timing of which is projected to be on the 2010 election day? In fact, it is already beginning to happen these days.

Here, let me share you my personal observation and suggestions to my countrymen along this energy problem. I want to share my views and opinion, in the hope that it would also serve as an eye-opener to people in underdeveloped or developing countries as well, in the following oration piece I wrote for my daughter in high school which she delivered as a contest piece. From this , you can deduce about the state of our power problems more than 15 years ago and which is still gaining intensity now.

Please allow me to give a backgrounder to this oration piece. My daughter emerged champion in a city division oratorical competition when she was in fourth year high school in 1994. She garnered a gold medal. She represented the division schools in the next level, regional contest. She didn’t make it there though, but the experience was something she cherishes to this day.