Online Banking Criminals in Telecommunications and Multimedia technology

In this era of unlimited telecommunications and multimedia technology, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. The Internet is a key technology in the development of information technology. Today, the internet is one of the few networks in the world that has shrunk the world apart from television. It also benefits the community because of its wide use and unlimited information. Everything is possible with the internet. People do not miss out on the internet with fast and fast access to the news from anywhere and from abroad or within the country.

The public should use it as best as possible and avoid becoming a frog under the bark. With the advent of the internet, society is becoming more and more knowledgeable. The Internet helps us a lot in our daily lives. Internet banking and e-commerce have grown exponentially since it was first introduced. Although less pronounced than 10 years ago when the concept was introduced, its progress over the years has impacted millions of people, even simplifying and simplifying life.

According to some research on customer perception of online banking, many are interested in using this application to meet their financial needs due to its convenient and flexible benefits. To date, time has been a major contributing factor to the needs of online banking. The digital banking system offers a variety of benefits and applications that are instantly and easily available. Transactions, loan repayments and other financial affairs can be completed without any physical or mental labor. It saves time and energy! There is no denying that online banking is a method that comes with its special advantages. Online banking is one of the mediums that has a lot of positive and negative impact. such technology facilities need to be fully utilized and used well.

Online banking can be accessed through a computer, through the use of the official website, the smartphone using the official application or website. we can log into our bank account to the official website or bank application to check the remaining balance in the bank account. then, we can quickly see how much money we have and it is not difficult to do. In addition, we may check any transfer, withdrawal and receipt transactions from the savings account. thus, it can make it easier for us to detect any strange or suspicious and harmful activity in our bank account. In addition, we can see if payment has been made. Next, we can send money to anyone we want especially family members, friends and others. we can also make payments on any sale or purchase transaction to any seller. indirectly, this will simplify the business without having to go to the store or meet the seller to make payment.

Therefore, online banking is closely related to online business and facilitates both the seller and the customer. moreover, we can pay various bills through this online banking. for example, consumers prefer to pay for energy bills, water bills or electricity bills without going to the bill payment center. we can also pay monthly telco postpay bills. this saves users time since everything is at their fingertips. other than that, we can also send and receive security messages from our bank. so that we will be more careful in managing the bank account.

However, we also need to recognize security risks of online banking Today’s cyber criminals are operating deceptively. They have various resources and methods for obtaining information on the identity of the victim. They no longer commit this crime alone. They tend to work in syndicates. Such organized syndicates are difficult to eliminate because they are professional and highly motivated. They are willing to disguise themselves as employees of legitimate organizations such as banking, medical and even government offices simply to trick the victim into revealing the victim’s personal information, after being deceived and trusting the disguise.

If criminals have succeeded in obtaining information that can be used to develop an identity, criminals may engage in various activities, either legally or unlawfully. Among them are Criminals who can clear their bank accounts and credit card victims. Additionally, criminals can file applications for credit cards, financial loans or insurance. In addition, criminals can escape the authorities by using stolen identity. One way to detect this is to have active monitoring of financial movements or anything that requires verification of our identity.

Through this monitoring, we will identify any cash withdrawals from unauthorized bank accounts, charges on unverified credit card reports, calls from debt collectors or medical service providers.and your bank check is not accepted. In the event that the above happens, we should immediately conduct a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage.