One sided controversial Topic-Gun Control

Gun control is a very controversial topic in the United States of America. It has caused a very heated debate between its proponents and its opponents thereby polarizing the American population. Gun control is the move by the government to regulate and limit public’s access to guns all in a bid to control the level of violent crimes. Though guns have been legal in the past years, the recent high rate of crime has led the government to reconsider its stand on the same. This has led to the enactments of a number of legislation towards the achievement of this end.

The move to control guns does not only impact positively to the society as there are also some negative impacts. For the sake of narrowing down the scope, this paper will specifically discuss and analyze those arguments that are advanced by the opponents of gun regulation. The debate on constitutionality and efficacy of firearms regulations by the federal government has been ongoing for quite sometime. A number of enactments since 1934 have been made in the constitution to give control of guns some ground.

It is an American culture to keep guns and it dates back to the times of Revolutionary War and hunting time. For these reasons, gun keeping in the United States was not considered a big issue especially by those from the South and West. These traditions of keeping guns have of late been compromised by the increase in the rate of crimes that are attributed to gun usage and it is from this that the question of whether people should be allowed to keep guns or not stems from. Pro gun control maintains that that the government should control the access of firearms to its citizens.

This is based on the belief that it is the only body that should have the responsibility and the machinery for protecting its people but on the other hand, its opponents argue that the government has failed to offer its citizen the protection they deserve and it is for this reason that many people have decided to buy guns because criminals are killing them in hundreds every year. In short, the government cannot be entrusted with the responsibility of protecting its people and thus it should not be allowed to control guns.

Instead, citizens should be allowed to keep them so that they can protect themselves. (Schleifer, 23) Proponents of gun regulations hold that if the number of people with guns is limited then the high rates of crime and loss of lives would be reduced. They believe that it is the high number of guns in the country that contributes to these problems this is because if the guns available are few, it would be hard for criminals to have easy access to them. According to them, this is something that would benefit the whole society but its opponents hold a differing view.

They argue that if everybody is allowed to keep a gun then nobody would be vulnerable to attacks by criminals as it is the lack of weapons to protect one that leads to the loss of many innocent lives through criminal activities. Another argument that is advanced by gun control opponents is that guns alone do not kill people but people do. There are other weapons apart from guns that have the capacity to kill just like guns and therefore, restriction of guns won’t be a solution because criminals will explore other viable alternatives.

Violent people do not kill people simply because they have a gun in their hands but the fact is, it is their nature to kill and thus will look for ways to quell their ‘thirst’. “They (opponents) see violent people as the real problem. And they claim that if there were no guns in the hands of the public; such dangerous people would find other weapons” (Schleifer, 25). The move to control guns according to gun control opponents is counter productive. In US, there are gun control laws that are used to regulate gun ownership.

Pro gun control hold and believe that if less people possessed guns, the level of crime would automatically go down but this is not true. Violence is about the strong attacking the weak and therefore the weak should be given a foothold to possess guns something that would of benefit as they would protect themselves from the violent strong. Testimonies that have been made by felons show that they are deterred to attack their victims if they know they have firearms. What pro gun control people do not know is that when guns are legally left in the hands of the few, it is the innocent and unarmed citizens that suffer most.

This is because a criminal cannot follow the right procedure to own a gun and thus will continue keeping the guns they possess earlier or use illegal methods to acquire one. Introduction of new laws will change the body of governing laws but the behaviors of the criminals won’t be changed therefore, it is the innocent that will be disadvantaged. “If legally owned arms were banned, only the criminals would have weapons. Lawful citizens would be unprotected. (Schleifer, 25). There are those who think that the increase in the rate of gun accidents is as a result of people being allowed to keep guns.

They argue that guns being one of the most effective weapons, everybody tries to get hold of one irrespective of whether one is experienced on how to use it or not but according to gun control opponents, this is not the problem, the problem is that many people do not even know when it is advisable to use their gun and when not and it is for this reason that gun accident incidences are increasing and thus guns should be controlled by the government instead people should be trained on how to use them so that everybody’s safety would be guaranteed.

Opponents of gun control fail to understand why people should not be allowed to possess guns just because a few careless individuals who possessed guns misuse them. Guns are one of the surest weapons of ensuring safety of persons. According to statistics given by Los Angeles Times and Gallop, Americans use their guns for about 764,000 times in a year to protect themselves. This same survey was conducted in other nine different nations and the American number of gun usage was the lowest among them all. Again, according to a survey that was conducted in 1982 in the United States showed that guns are protective.

About 34 percent of all the imprisoned criminals were wounded, shot at, scared off or even captured by their victims. This is also supported by krouse “Some argue further that widespread gun ownership is one of the best deterrents to crime as well as to potential tyranny, whether by gangs or by government”. What this means is that people should be allowed to own guns as the American security system cannot afford to provide security to everyone at any place at any time. (Agresti J. D. , 2008) It is an American culture to own guns. Historically the gun was used in hunting but this has since then changed into a sport that entertains many people.

Guns were also used to expand American territory westward and to protect one from external attacks. It is these usages that gave the Americans their identity. The achievements made during these days should not be obscured by the recent shortcomings attributed to its usage by pro gun control people. Culture is what makes one who they are and is the one that one identifies with thus, gun keeping being an American culture should not be destroyed but preserved as it is a symbol of national identity. (Krouse W. ) Indeed there are many claims that are advanced by people who advocate for gun control and those who don’t.

Those proponents may have a point but their arguments cannot be taken as the final stand as most of them are designed to mislead the public into thinking that in is not good for the people to keep guns. In these days when the level of crime has gone up people should be allowed to own guns so that they would protect themselves against the violent and ruthless criminals who have little or no regard for human life. The question of whether it is right for people to own guns should not even arise as the government has failed its people by failing to give protection to its people.

It should be understood that guns by themselves do not kill but it is people who use them to kill therefore, it is people who should be given moral education on how to use guns and when but not the guns to be controlled. Works Cited. Agresti J. D. Gun Control Facts. 2008. Available at http://justfacts. com/guncontrol. asp#CONSTITUION Krouse W. Gun Control. 2002. Accessed at http://www. policyalmanac. org/crime/archive/crs_gun_control. shtml Schleifer J. Everything You Need to Know about Weapons in School and at Home. Rev. Ed. The Rosen Publishing Group, 2000.