Older Persons Rights Service

Informal Arrangement – Informal arrangement is an alternative to guardianship. – For elderly people with mental incapacity (i. e. people with dementia), consent on medical and dental procedures done to them can be given by a specified relative. – On behalf of a person with mental incapacity, a friend or relative can organize welfare services and community support or the arrangement of assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team. – A friend or relative can organize for a person who mentally incapacitated to be moved from his or her home or the hospital to a different aged care facility.

It should be noted that any disagreement should not be involved in this decision. – The friend or relative can coordinate with service providers with regards to the welfare and health of the person with mental incapacity (Benier, 1995). Conclusion The Guardianship and Administration Board has definitely stood up to their mission of protecting the rights and well-being of individuals. They have ensured that the needs of these individuals have been met and that they are provided with the assistance they need.

The Board provided new hope for people with incapacities and gave way for their personal and legal matters to be taken care of with the help of a guardian. Moreover, the Board also enabled many elderly individuals to be taken care of in an aged care facility which can cater to all their medical needs. Truly, GAB has opened doors for many people despite the fact that they are facing challenges brought about by their incapacity to decide on their own.


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