Old and New Labour differences

In my opinion, the change over from Old Labour (a party of the working classes) to New Labour (a party of the people) was inevitable. I would prefer to call this change an evolution rather than the take-over, which many Old Labour partisans claim. There are many people who believe that the New Labour government has lost its traditional goals and aims. I for one agree with this statement, however, I would strongly oppose anybody who would be willing to imply that this is could be a bad thing for the New Labour party.

The Old Labour views, which were relevant at the prime of Old Labour and were indeed vote winners in the Working Classes, are largely no longer relevant to today's society. The Working class did indeed need the benefits which are now nationally in place since the set-up of the Welfare State. Now this system is in place New Labour is evolving the country into a richer more prosperous place for all, as well as maintaining the Welfare State on which so many rely upon. Never before has this country had such a high standard of living. Now is a time of prosperity amongst the masses.

With the national education system well into motion, and with the same opportunities for everybody to achieve academically, this nation has almost lost the three divides of which the classes were segregated, and the voting patterns for the previous generations decided. With working opportunities now at an apparent level playing field, the so-called old "Working Class" can now receive so called old "Middle Class" jobs. No longer is the branding system of Blue and White collar workers active, only the real old timers and jokers would dare refer to the current working system as that.

This is where the New Labour policies have been clever, and leaves Old Labour policies left lagging far behind. New Labour sees that there is no longer such a massive divide between the classes, and therefore, cannot aim at something which simply isn't there. New Labour sees that the middle classes are just as big as a target as the workers were, now that the divides are much closer that ever before. Old Labour's idealistic view of the country under a left wing socialist (some would even argue communist) rule cannot be accepted in today's society.

Tony Blair is a great leader, the likes of which the party has never seen before, for he has the determination to succeed in every aspect in what the people on the whole now desire in the current environment. No longer are the days of Old Labour, where all the working classes would want was a steady income, food on the table and stable home. These days, the people on mass, desire much more than these simplistic requests, virtually fulfilled already and taken care of by the Welfare State, which New Labour still upkeeps.