Oil to petroleum

Once I was just considered to be a liquid that had no significant purpose. I was considered to be useless, no one wished to consume me or transform me into useable condition. I had this inferiority complex and the feeling of rejection since the beginning when these humanly selfish creatures used to dig up through the earth’s surface, pump out different minerals and water and used to express joy and happiness. I always used to wonder why I never was treated likewise. Why did they not want to use me? Was I that bad? Was I of absolutely no use? I just did not know how I should communicate with these creatures. Just once if I could tell them that everyone has come on to this planet for a purpose and I have too. I asked for only one chance, just one. Centuries past by but they never realized my usefulness. I tried hard to fit in and mixed up with water in wells so that they could discover me but they always filtered me out.

There came a time when I just couldn’t figure out on what to do. I could find no possible solution so I gave up on all my hopes and expectations and let everything be in the hands of God. At last in the 19th century, imagine 2000 years later, my prayers were answered and angel was sent down in the form of an entrepreneur in Pennsylvania. He understood my worth, my gain, my advantage and my utility. He knew I that I would be of much use for him and for the future generation. He knew I was much cheaper than the whale oil these selfish creatures consume and he brought up an idea that if I was pumped up using particular machinery and that I was properly processed, I could do a lot more than anyone can think of. Now, I have become a compulsory part of their lives.

They just cannot live without me! It amazes me how I was just one of a kind and had no classification but today they have transformed me in so many types that I am still unable to educate myself, about myself! One thing I know is that I am commonly and popularly used as Diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil and also in making plastics. Also, another thing that gives me a giggle is that I had such a simple name; oil, they changed it to petroleum. Why can’t they just call me oil? Well, I think humans have a disorder of making every simple thing into a complicated one. I wonder why God made them in charge of this world; others are so much more deserving. In the end, I must mention that these humans are extremists. When they didn’t use me, they hardly bothered.

Now when they are using me they aren’t refraining to consume me for even a second. Nations are fighting over me and wars are being conducted. Obviously I do feel proud of myself when I realize this but I also feel guilty of the unrest that I am causing because without having a heart, I do feel for others. Keeping all other things aside, I just hope they know I reproduce in approximately a thousand years, unlike them who increase in number within less than a year. Well, not being selfish at all, I am here to help mankind and will do so till God wants me on this planet. My prayer to God once again is hoping these people will understand my real worth because they never do. Even when they have too much of me or when they have less!

Amna khan07158

Whether you’re single, dating or have already found your dream man or woman, the battle between love and arranged matrimony seems to be a never ending tussle Marriage is a first step towards the fulfilment of a human’s biological purpose. In some countries people are more open towards love marriages whereas others are against the concept of love marriage and believe that in performing them with the permission and agreement of parents. Just as we all know, life is not a bed of roses. Things do not work as smoothly as we expect them to. Sometime, we often change ways, make compromises, stand stubbornly and let things fall apart. Marriage is the most beautiful relationship that happens to everyone at some point of time. Life is the way we make it to be. When it comes to love marriage, people get married because they love each other.

They want each of them close for the rest of their life. When couples marry, they promise that they would stand by each other through thick and thin. People should take initiative to keep their marriage happy and smooth from very inception. However, it is not the responsibility of any one person but both of the couple should equally participate in keeping their marriage smooth. As people have understood the concept of two people staying together, the idea of sharing everything together should make them feel happy.

Some people do believe that following one’s heart is often wiser than following one’s head as love can just be an infatuation. Other feel that there are Low expectations because neither spouse knows exactly what to expect, so they are often pleasantly surprised by how good their marriage is. There is always a mixed view on what is better, both kinds of marriages are seen to be failures and great success as well. It is hard to claim on what is better and what is worse. People get married after faling in love believe that their love needs a name however arranged marriage couples believe to fall in love after marriage. Both lead to one conclusion; falling in love and living a happy life. It is true that failures do have been experience in both scenarios but that shouldn’t be a way to judge the whole term completely.

Amna Khan07158