Offshore Oil Drilling

Most people say no to oil drilling because of fear of oil spills.” Mother Nature itself spills more oil into the environment than Shell, Exxon, and BP combined” 63% of oil in all Us Costal waters comes from Natural Seeapage. 32% is from Boats and Jet skis, and runoff from cities.

4% From tankersAnd only 1% is from Oil Spills**In 1970-1980 there was 3.6 million barrels spilled into the ocean. **In 1990-2000 there was 440,000 barrels spilled into the ocean. IN FACT WE ARE DUMPING MORE OIL NOW OUT OF JET AIRPLANES WHEN THEY DO EMERGENCY LANDINGS THAN WE DO IN OIL SPILLS. We use 86 million barrels of oil per day and end up only producing 83 million. Therefore gas prices up

Pros:1. Deep-water offshore oil drilling will result in greater domestic production. More offshore drilling will lead to greater domestic oil production and less reliance on imported oil, much of which comes from politically unstable regions.

2. An increased supply of oil will lower gasoline prices. Offshore drilling will increase the supply of oil, resulting in lower gasoline prices.

3. The state will benefit, as increased drilling results in increased governmental revenues, via royalties. Opening restricted areas to offshore oil production will generate billions in state and federal revenues through royalties.

4. Improvements have been made to technology and are being made to technology in order to lower the rate of oil spills and the risk of environmental hazards. There has been a lower occurrence of oil spills in the last four decades. Technologies are being developed in order for oil drilling to be done without damaging the environment and/or disturbing the plant and animal habitats.

5. The field of deep-water offshore drilling creates jobs for America’s workers. Drilling itself and development of land after the process will help in engaging people, thus creating jobs for hundreds of citizens.

6.[QUOTE FROM FOX NEWS]” If you take these oil rigs away, it would make this economy that is already struggling into even more of a struggling country

About the explosion: Accidents do happen. There is no reason to stop a big industry like this because of an accident.