Offshore business operations

The article acknowledges the fact that offshore business operations are thriving nowadays in the course of globalization. Gone are the days when the company is only confined in its home country; and now, it expands its production and manpower globally. In the article, the author pieces out the different management aspects that must be taken into account when doing business offshore or abroad. The articles gave best examples and lessons learned in order to make business operations run smoothly across borders and time zones.

There are a lot of challenges that one business has to overcome if it plans to engage with offshore operations. Working across the globe would mean different time zones, language and communication gaps and enough infrastructures in order to run the business smoothly. The soft side of management is also very important. Since most of the employees are not involved in a face-to-face relationship, the managers should be able to motivate people to carry out their duties though they are virtually supervised.

Thus in the article, Pedro Serrador mentioned that a right mix of project management skills is needed which included good governance, consistent monitoring and selecting the right people who can run the offshore team. The article caps off that offshore business are inevitable nowadays now that global business become flat. It can be one of the most compensated jobs in the labor market, thus, complementing such pay would be a good project management in order to make it work.

Companies and businesses continue to evolve overtime, thus, it is imperative that managers should be at tuned with the recent business developments and pointers on how to conduct offshore business successfully. Part 3 The article’s timeliness in responding to the global trend on business outsourcing gives a good run down of points which managers should consider when doing offshore operations. I agree with the author’s presentation on giving first the major aspects that affects the whole scenario of offshore operations and how it affects the whole business process from manpower to production.

Basing from the considerations of business outsourcing, the author was able to draw out specific pointers on how to make projects conducted offshore would work. These points are critical for those that engage and wish to venture to offshore operations. For new entities who are reading the article, it is simply written and is straight to the point. The author gives both the positive and negative points, however his pointers on project management bridges the gap between the challenges and opportunities that one can experience in business outsourcing.

For the companies who are already in the business, the article serves as a validation and a reminder that there are some things that needs to be monitored every now and then so that the company is still on track in terms of the offshore operations. This kind of article is very critical to the business world. Information sharing is very much in trend nowadays, therefore, pointers and best practices should be shared in order for companies to carry out successful operations. References MBA, PMP, P. S. (2009). Far Flung. PM Network, 12, 28-29.