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In Alabama, voters spent $0. 45 per capita on the 2004 presidential race. The Republicans received just over 68 per cent of this funding, while the Democrats received only around 32%. In 2004, Monroeville Alabama contributes $2. 5 per capita to presidential campaigns. Monroeville, then, clearly contributes more money to presidential races than much of the rest of the state. While the state of Alabama leans toward funding Republicans, Democrats still received a good portion of voters’ funds.

This is not the case in Monroeville. Indeed, according to The Color of Money, Republicans received 100% of voters contributions. This is well above the state average. Interestingly enough, while the majority (63. 11%) of Monroeville’s voters are white, a good portion (34. 96%) are black (Public Campaign, 2004). Only six percent of the contributors in Monroeville earn more than $100,000, while overt 23% of contributors lived below the poverty line. This means than most contributors fall somewhere in between wealth and poverty.

It also means that, in this case, the money of the middle-class and of the poor said more than the money of the rich. This is different than in the case of the state as a whole. It is interesting that, when a higher per cent of the wealthy contributed, Democrats received more funding. Meanwhile, when a higher per cent of poor people voted, the Republicans received 100% of the vote. Meanwhile, while, on the state level, minorities were greatly under represented, at the city level, Monroeville’s black contributors participated a great deal (Public Campaign, 2004).

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