Occupational Safety and Health Law

President Barack Obama, in his proposed budget has pledged to increase funds for workplace safety. The term ‘workplace safety’ is generally formulation of policies and regulations to wipe out personal injuries and illnesses from occurring in the workplace. The main law too protect health and ensure safety of the workers in the workplace is the Occupational and Safety Health Act (OSHA). [Obama’s proposed budget increases workplace safety funding, February, 26, 2009] Obama’s budget blueprint of the budget released on Thursday, seeks to increase funding to the OSHA.

‘For the past eight years, the department’s labor law enforcement agencies have struggled with growing workloads and shrinking staff,” the 134-page document said. It also stated that the increase would enable OSHA to “vigorously enforce workplace safety laws and whistleblower protections, and ensure the safety and health of American workers. ” This article, or rather Obama’s decision to increase funding for the workers at workp0lace is quite relevant to the labor and employment law class as the law, besides other things, also requires that the employees must be given a work environment that is not hazardous for their health.

The employees must under any circumstances not be exposed to excessive noise, toxic chemicals like lead, etc. The ergonomics in the work place should comply with the requirements laid down in the OSHA for ensuring maximum safety and health benefits to the employees. So, to increase funding for the enforcement of better rules and more benefits for employees, is a very good start on the part of President Obama. 2 Reference Citations http://www. dlapiper. com/us/services/detail. aspx? service=3 http://www. kansascity. com/444/story/1056844. html