Obama administration Sample

Obama administration is determined to close the facility within one year, this has been shown by the directive he gave to the military where he instructed on the speedy plan to ensure that the detention camp is closed in one year’s time. In the meantime a task has been set up to look into the options that are available to deal with the two hundred and fifty detainees in the facility. The president has handled this matter well, according to the analyst as he has directed all the interrogation methods which are dehumanizing and illegal to be stopped.

This move has received a lot from praise from various quarters including former intelligence officers who felt that the move by the previous administration to allow unorthodox methods of obtaining information from the detainees were wrong. The move has been described as positive as it will clear the image that had been created in the past regarding the American position as far as human rights were concerned. (Ackerman, S 2004)

The handling of the Guatanamo Bay detention camp issue has received positive reaction from different people and so far the matter has been smooth but a tough time lies ahead as the government makes a crucial decision on how the detainees will be handled. Observers are keen to see how the government will handle this sensitive issue. Will it reverse all the gains that have been made in the past as far as the war on terror is concerned. There are those who have seen the closure of the facility as a big blow to the war on terror terming the move as a sign to the terror group that America was not capable of nailing and putting them into any trial.

The issue of Guatanamo bay is a big test for Obama administration, for one it will be a test on his ability to fulfill his promises that he made. The issue has been handled well for now but the real test will come when the issue at hand is presented and the detainees must be tried. So far doubts has been raised whether some of the countries where the detainees come from can be able to handle programs where these people can be rehabilitated. This is an issue that the current government has to deal with effectively if its effort to provide justice to the all is to succeed. (Finn, P 2009)

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