No Comfort in Words for Victim of Abuse

For many people, religion is considered as something sacred and holy. The Church and its official are looked upon with great respect and admiration for the things that they do, especially for the community. In the past, people often consult priests and other church authorities regarding their problems because they trust that they will be given an advice that will work out for them. However, there have been numerous instances over the past years that these authority figures that the public trusts so much have proved to be otherwise.

This is shown in the reports from the media about church officials abusing innocent children. The article talks about the comment that church officials made after the case regarding the sex abuse was settled. One member of that particular church family who also experienced abuse when he was a child by a priest feels that the comment was “hollow. ” Maybe this is because no matter what these officials say or do, they will never feel what the victims felt during the time of abuse.

They will never be able to bring back the innocence that they took away from these children. The worst part in this situation is that the trauma does not end when the abuse ends. The victim has to go through a depressive state and develops feelings of insecurity and worthlessness. This makes it difficult for them to establish stable and long-lasting relationships with the people around them. As such, those comments made by the church officials are very insensitive and do not address the true issue at hand.

Abuse, no matter what type, is never to be accepted. There are no words that can ever comfort the victims and what they went through. They have to deal with the psychological effects of the abuse their whole life even if they have received counseling and other appropriate treatments. Sanctions that are placed on the abusers also do not make the situation better because it only brings justice but it does not help the victim forget about the pain and suffering that he or she experienced.