New York Police officer

Issues regarding police’s abused to their guns can always be observed. People are complaining about the abuse of the policemen power on the use of gun. The officers will state that what they did was self-defense because the person they are arresting fight back. And then there is a possibility that the officers will not be condemned because there is no enough evidence to show that officers really kill the person without enough reason. There is a report regarding the death of a 25-year old African American, Nathaniel Levi Gaines, who is unarmed in the subway platform of Bronx.

The man was reportedly killed by a New York Police officer under the name of Paolo Colecchia. The man was shot in the back. But according to the policeman, Gaines attacked him, and tried to push him on the tracks and get his gun. Gaines family speculated that the death of his son was due to racism, abuse of police power (Lawrence, 2000, p. 1). This kind of incident can be avoided if the policeman did not have a weapon by his side with enough power to kill a man.

If the policeman’s statement is true, that a struggle between him and Gaines happened, this kind of situation will not result to the death of a person if the policeman carries a tool that is not deadly. This incident can be avoided if the policemen use stun guns. Officers still have enough power for the criminals to be captured without killing the person being arrested when they fight back with an officer. The man will be paralyzed for a while but not kill the person. By using stun guns, more people will be saved from death.

It can be used towards the people who are going to be arrested or are being arrested that do not have a gun or deadly weapon. It is better than to put a bullet in the arrested person’s body. The policemen need this kind of tool in order to control those people who are powerful enough to overcome the officer and get away with the law. Using stun guns is the best option as of now to be able to capture law breakers than the use of guns. However, some people are still against the use of stun guns. United Nations also claimed that the use of stun guns can be a form of torment (Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) News, 2007).

Several issues have arisen that policemen abuse the use of stun guns. Some officers use the tool not only to capture the law breaker but also to torture the suspects upon interrogations (Hepp, 2008). Some people do not like the idea of using stun guns because some police officers use this device in order to torture other people, and the idea that the device is mostly used to the race that is discriminated by the officer. This means that racial discrimination also affects the officers’ use of stun guns towards other offender. Also, some cases have been reported that policemen’s use of stun guns contributes to the killings of some people.

One case report is the death of a 20-year old guy because an officer uses stun guns in order to stop the brawl that happened late that night. The mother of the guy even complains about the basis for the use of stun guns because those who are involved in the brawl do not have any weapon to use. (CBS News, 2007). This means that stun guns contribute to deaths and is not safe enough. Larry Cox also suggests that real guns are better since officers will be more gentle and safe when using real guns than misusing stun guns because it is safer in the eye without having knowledge about the device can really do (CBS News, 2007).

The use of stun guns without having enough knowledge about the gadget itself contributes to the possibility that more people will be getting hurt. If real guns will be used instead of stun guns because officers have more knowledge of what a real gun can do, possibility of getting injured or killed people is still high because of stray bullets than can occur when an officer might be targeting for the suspects legs or feet. Also, if neither real guns nor stun guns will be used, then what will be left to use. Policemen’s wooden sticks?

There is also a high possibility that when policemen used the wooden sticks, they will get hurt especially when the offender has more strength than the officer. If the offender has great strength enough to overcome the police officer there is also a possibility that innocent people will also be getting hurt by the offender upon the incident. Some officers will have some tendencies to misuse stun guns. That is when the use of patrol car surveillance is in need. This is to monitor the behaviors of the policemen during the confrontation with the law breakers.

Those who have experienced mistreatment towards the officers’ use of stun guns over them means they can complain about the policemen’s behavior and their complain can be proven by the film that is generated from the video. This patrol car video surveillance is used for the sake of the people who are going to or being arrested by the officers. This video will help to lessen or eliminate the policemen’s misbehavior. Most probably others will complain that the video has been edited or being bypassed by the police officers who are being complained.

Since the video can be used as evidence against the policemen misconducts, there should be a group wherein they only can access the video and know where the camera is placed. This is to be able to lessen or eliminate the possibility of policemen to get the evidences and get away with complain against them. And this is suggested to be able to have fair treatment with the complainant and the police officer. What really is need is the training of the police officers who are being allowed to use stun guns upon capturing law breakers.

They really should be aware of the things that the stun guns can really do. It may appear safer but if it does not use in the correct manner, it can contribute to deaths, just the same with real guns. There is no problem with the idea of using stun guns upon arresting people; the problem is within the people who are using the tool. The problem is the behavior of the people using the stun guns. The use of stun guns for police officers is really helpful not only for the victims, but also to the law breakers that are being arrested.

Along side with the patrol car video surveillance the possibility of police officers misuse on the tool will go down in number. The idea of using the stun guns and patrol car video is helpful to the community if the people who are going to use those gadgets will just use those things in correct way. References Columbia Broadcasting System News. (2007, May 25). U. N. : Tasers are a form of torture. Retrived May 30, 2008, from http://www. cbsnews. com/stories/2007/11/25/national/main3537803. shtml

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