New United State’s Constitution

Constitutional and administrative law deals with the problems of a country. Constitutional law deals the relationship with both, the legislature and the judiciary. : The United State’s constitution is divided into three branches, one is President or executive branch, second one is Congress or legislative branch and the third one is the Supreme Court of the judicial branch.

The constitution also set the rights for the citizens too like for example; the constitution have given the right or freedom to the citizens to speak about their problems, also have given the right for their religion, protection, etc. According to United State’s constitution all the authority for making laws and decisions has given to the supreme court and no other branch in government cannot change it. Conclusion: Every particle in this universe is running according to law and order, without any law everything will come to an end within no time.

That is why to lead a successful life one must follow and spend its life according to some order, by doing that it will take him to a great success. The same way to lead a successful country or even a small department the head of that department always put some rules and regulations and enforces them to follow, by doing that it will keep everything in peace and order. Law tells a person how to lead his life with rules and regulations. Through law people get awareness that if they are committing any crime they can be charged or fined.

Be practiced law in every aspect of our lives. However, there are some dark sides of law. Some countries forbid law on citizens which are morally illegal but the citizens have to follow such types of laws. On the other side there are some people who take the term law not seriously which causes them great penalty.

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