New types of criminal activities brought by globalization

The improvement in technology did brought good opportunities for the industry players but it also created problems in terms of mores possible and more sophisticated ways of committing bank crimes or frauds. This has therefore the result of requiring further regulation which if translated into cost of doing business would affect the players by increasing the risks associated with the industry. The proliferation of internet frauds which are linked to the banking industry has also contributed to these problems which could even be taken advantage by terrorist.

UBS (2008) admits the global fight against criminal and terrorist that that had become more complex and difficult and thereby causing regulation cost to be higher. 2. 3 Proposed Strategies 2. 3. 1 Further Expansion By adopting this strategy the company will take advantage of the industry opportunities of continued growth in the world economy and the continued deregulation of many economies in other countries of the world. Expansion of course will necessarily increase the company’s resources in anticipation of its continued growth. This strategy will also help the company to make use of its profitability, liquidity and solvency.

The expected effect would be complementary since while it makes use of strengths it will have the greater chance of sustaining said strengths.

The company is currently claiming leadership as a global wealth manager, a top tier rank as an investment banking and securities firm and as one of the largest asset global asset managers. The present industry opportunities and given the company’s strengths would rather make it very timely for the company. Adopting expansion would therefore help the company to sustain it position on the some while improving on other areas of the financial services industry.