New Labour

The improvements in the electoral program that New Labour had introduced, and the fact that they addressed as well to the floating voters made the population gain their trust in the party again. The dramatic change of the at one time radical socialist party, defendant of the unions, moving drastically to the right, left the British a bit confused but more their opponents. The fact that the New Labour was taking the best of both worlds (left and right) and was giving the party enough strength and confidence to keep convincing people that they were the future.

And in 1997 New Labour, with Tony Blair as a leader, won the elections by a vast majority. Tony Blair said on the morning following the elections: "The size of our likely majority now imposes a special sort of responsibility on us. We have been elected as New Labour and we will govern as New Labour" (CNN website). When the Conservatives won power in 1979 they changed the situation of the country radically. Thatcher's policies revolutionised the economic and politic systems. She was the first female Prime Minister in Europe.

Her ideologies were welcomed and in 1983 she won the elections again and introduced for the following office a more radical agenda. Margaret Thatcher stayed in power until 1989 when John Mayor stepped on the leadership fearing that people did not support Thatcherism anymore, especially the privatisation of public services such as health and education. Meanwhile, the Labour party with its radical socialist policies did not gain the necessary support from the British until Tony Blair got into the leadership and transformed the party introducing right wing ideologies and moving out from the left wing and far from the unions.

The New Labour won the elections in 1997, which was really significant because they had not been in power for 18 years and they had won by a vast majority. This confirmed that the British did not believe in the Conservatives any more and that they had placed their hopes in the New Labour, which had left and right wing policies covering, in this way, most of the needs of the economy and politic matters.


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