Net Centric Policing

By 2020 more advanced UGV and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) would be available to the police patrolling on the highways. That range from large fixed wing platforms for aerial surveillance over a city to Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) and continuous monitoring of an individual whether in the city or in rural areas. These two systems UGV’s and UAV’s will become partners to the police, traveling will patrol officers, guarding their backs, monitoring subjects at the scene or following fleeing suspects all on their own without the officer directly controlling their movements or actions.

Patrol officers of 2020 will be equipped with a multi-purpose UGV and small VTOL in or on the car. In 2020 police will observe the interior of vehicles where a large number of people have gathered. The UVA will identify and warn the officers if one or more of the participants were approaching from behind or fleeing the area. UGV positions itself to help prevent that person from attacking or fleeing. In 2020 the UGV will record and store all of a day’s events for future recall or testimony.

No more filing methods relying on human clerks. No paper forms and metal filing cabinets. In 2020 the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks with integrated voice and data capability, will operate against the criminal and terrorist networks. By 2020 police personal vertical takeoff aircraft will be common for surveillance, search, and rescue border patrol and traffic enforcement. Officers will watch boating, hunting and fishing closely and easily.

In 2020 new digital radio system to share information when there is need. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with wireless digital sensors will employ to monitor anything or every activity. They will employ the aerial and ground-based robots, UVA’s and UGV’s, using the biometric identification system, smart cards to identify criminals and terrorists. In 2020 police will meet reactive demand for service at all levels. They use internet such as web address.

They deal with the nature of forecasting that involves a certain risk. Police in 2020 will adopt unique challenges to both executive and street-level police officers. By having the Net Centric Policing (NCP) they will be more productive officers, have faster police response, better service to the community, less crime, fewer terrorist attacks and greater protection of civil liberties. Demography is destiny, as the saying goes. It is partly true for crime.

By 2020 police will extrapolate this trend along with the growing number of crimes because of the existence of computer environments. Since these trends are clearly on the horizon, police computers will be faster with greater advantage in data storage capacity, and data transfer rates, both wired and wireless. By 2020 intelligence function with American law enforcement agencies will be expanded under the theme of “Bridging the Gap”.