The need to Support Veterans and the active duty military

The preservation of freedom and safety of a country is greatly dependent on a country’s military forces. Those in the active service of the military play a very important role in ensuring that the country is safe from attacks of enemies and terrorists. They have spent most of their time in training, not to mention risked their lives, for this noble cause. The least that we can do to thank them for their noble sacrifice is to make sure that their needs and their families are well cared for. The sacrifice that they have done for the country as well as for the future generations needs to be recognized.

The war veterans who have fought in the numerous wars in the past are responsible for the freedom that we are enjoying right now. They have risked their lives and have sacrificed time from their loving families in order to fight for our country and make sure that we are safe from those who seek to take our freedom away from us. (Military. com All the Benefits of Service , 2007) However, it is a sad fact that there is a big number of war veterans whose living conditions are substandard. The promises that were given them seem to have been forgotten. This should not be the case. Their welfare should be taken care and constantly monitored.

They have played a very important role in ensuring that we are safe and that our freedom is not compromised in any way. (Military. com All the Benefits of Service , 2007) If a country is very much willing to spend millions of dollars in acquiring weapons and ammunition, the same willingness should also be present in taking care of the welfare of soldiers and the veterans who have fought in the previous wars. They are a country’s first line of defense. If nobody is making sure that they are in the proper condition to train or fight, it is very much the same as neglecting a country’s safety.

(American Veterans) Ordinary citizens should be responsible enough to be aware of important issues such as this. The least that one can do is to make sure that the basic needs of these heroes are well provided for and that their rights as citizens are upheld. (Military. com All the Benefits of Service , 2007) There are a number of ways that any concerned individual can help this cause. Financial donations and donations in kind can be made out to war veteran associations. It is interesting to note that there are organizations for war veterans that do not receive financial help from the federal government.

In this light, politicians should consider creating laws to support the welfare of the military men and uphold the rights of veterans. It would help if financial appropriations would be made to help fund these organizations. Not only would this help finance the needs of veterans, this is also one way by which the government can make them feel that they are appreciated. (American Veterans) More than financial help, it is also important to check on the psychological effects that the war has brought on to those who played a significant part.

It is important to see to it that organizations who support this cause are funded. (United States Department of Veterans Affairs, 2007) Families of veterans whose lives were lost in the war should be cared for. They should be provided with proper housing, the children should have proper education, basic and medical needs should be provided for. The same is those who have suffered injuries and have become debilitated as a result of the wars. Since they are incapacitated by fighting for our country, it is our turn to show our appreciation by making sure that they and their families are cared and provided for.


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