Natural laws

No man-made law, no matter whether from the past or projected onto a distant, unforeseeable future, can or should ever be empowered to claim that it is greater than the natural law from which it stems. Since natural law has generally referred to that which determines what is right and wrong and whose power is made valid by nature, it follows that its precepts should be eternal, universal, and unchangeable. (Inciardi, 2010, P. 29) Therefore, it is in my opinion that natural laws should be determinates of what is just or moral regarding man-made laws.

Clearly laws of nature call for obedience or else. The “or else” keeps people eager to comply, especially when they know what the or else will be. Man-made laws require mankind enforcement, so we find that man-made laws are often violated with seeming impunity unless violators are apprehended, charged, prosecuted and sentenced by mankind enforcement. Because there are differing beliefs as to whoever or whatever the creator is, people fail to put their attention on the relevant fact that it is creation’s natural laws that rule planet Earth and it’s inhabitants.

I think that those differing beliefs also tend to divert proper attention from the basic cause of people’s willful behavior. There is a change that people must make that is vital to their well-being. But blocking that change is their unawareness that they are continually disobeying the dictates of a little-known natural law. That little-known law was identified by the late Richard W. Wetherill decades ago. He called it the law of absolute right.

It states “Right action gets right results, wrong action gets wrong results”. It is the self-enforcing law that delivers the results of everybody’s right or wrong behavior. When right, rational and honest behavior is taken, situations are resolved. When behavior fails to meet nature’s criteria, situations are unresolved and remain troublesome. People have to know that whatever happens to them is the result of their input caused by trying to get their way.