National voters registration Act

This Act which was put in place in 1993 ensures that the American citizens are able to exercise thair voting rights which are fundamental in their lives. Increment of the numbers of voters in the country is the most basic reason for this act because there has been low rates of voters registration due to the discriminations which are made against the people who have disabilities as well as the minorities in the country.

All the disabled voter applicants in the country should be provided with services and programs which will help them in filling up the registration forms, these services should be provided by the state funded programs and these requirements are put across by the national voter registration Act and the Act also requires these state funded programs to transport these form after they have been filled up by disabled persons to the department which is responsible for the voter registration in the country.

This therefore is meant to help these people to be able to exercise their rights of voting and be able to access the services which are offered by the country and also ensure equality for all www. usdoj. gov/crt/voting . Civil Rights Act of the The Institutionalized Persons

In this Act, the United States Attorney General is meant by the state to conduct an investigation which is meant to look into the conditions in which the people who are in the correctional institutions in the country are living in. These correctional institution are such as the jails, prisons and juveniles, the nursing homes and all the government institutions which are operated by the public.

This Act is meant to ensure that the Attorney general of the United States is able to uncover all the deficiencies and bad conducts which may be carried out by the authorities of these correctional institutional which may end up putting at risk the lives of those people who are living in them, these risks may be inform of their safety where it may be neglected by the authorities and the operators or there may be cases where the health of these people may be put at risk due to the poor conditions and lack of facilities which facilitate good health care.

Even though the Attorney General does not have any authority of looking into the isolated cases in the correctional facilities even after the investigations have taken place, the attorney general can but into use or facilitate law suits which may arise and especially where there are conditions which can make one to believe that the conditions which the people in these institutions are living in are terrible and they subject those who are living in them to safety or health harm and that these people are also denied their rights to fully enjoy their rights which are offered by the federal and the constitution of the United States, the ADA also provides these provisions and calls for the Attorney general to ensure that these people are able to live in places which are conducive and which do not subject them to undue conditions which are likely to endanger their lives. www. usdoj. gov/crt/split.