National security Analysis Paper Example

In country like United State of America their always watches their people, such as e-mail, phone call, facebook and even their residents twitter. Wasington Post believe there is no private Internet accsess anymore in the United State. Many Americans maybe not realize this case, but nothing that you can do on your cell phone or on the Internet will ever be private again. And what about public place? Do you know about CCTV? Do you feel comfortable with a lot of CCTV in public areas?

Based on Encyclopedia, CCTV or Closed-circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. U. S goverment use CCTV to watch every place and that is mean no private area outside your house. But, there are some reasons why the goverment want to monitored their people day and night. First is for National Security system against spy from another country, Second is for help Polic Departmant solving their cases, and the most important thing is to fight against terrorisem. Do you know about Anna Chapman?

Anna Chapman is a television star and lingere model, she is also a friend of a sitting Cabinet official. She want to get the most important data as much as she can, but the FBI took her before classified information changed hands. She caught by FBI becasue halp from video camera or CCTV in every places as evidence to catch her and deported her back to Russia. From this case we can see how important CCTV to protect national security system against spis. Becasuse to catch high quality spy like Anna Chapman U. S have to monitoring every palces and always aware and keep on eye on their citizen.

As a citizen maybe we felt uncomfortable with CCTV but we have to understand how important to protect our national security system from spis from another country. Nowadays, the intensity of crime is become higer than before such as robbery, murder, and theft in public area. Even in the Bank or in Department Store criminal is not scared because thay can use gun and any other dengerous thing to do their crime. In some places maybe can protact by police, But, what about market that without police? For example in Lawson or Seven Eleven that open 24 hours.

The thieves can do their crime when people is not crowded anymore. When the police can not do anything because no evidance CCTV can help the olice to identify the thieves and catch the thieves. In some murder cases CCTV also can help the police to catch the murderer and get the evidence that they need. This case is also shown as how important for goverment to monitoring our activity becasue we never know when we will get trouble. Monitoring the citizen also help police or goverment to know about the motif of the murderer and who else help the murdrer to do the crime.

The police can see the crime cell phone in the last few month, with who he connected and who else send an e-mail to him. That is why important for the goverment to monitoring their citizen. The most important thing why the goverment want to monitoring our activities is to fight against terrorisem. The goverment have to monitoring their citizen for 24 hours becasue terrorist is never sleep. In December 2012, counterterrorism officials wanted to create a government dragnet, sweeping up millions of records about U. S. citizens—even people suspected of no crime.

And we can see the reasult when bomb Boston happened, The police just need a few days to catch the bomber. From this case the police need CCTV recorded to help them to make the reconstructured the tragedy and identify the bomber. The police also get the picture and video from people around the bomb area to help them too. This case shown us that monitoring citizen activity have some advantages. As the resault monitoring citizen activity maybe decrease our privacy and our freedom, but without monitoring the citizen the goverment will never be aware against some threats.

And CCTV also give a lot of help for the police and goverment becasue CCTV just like the eye of goverment that can gave important evidence against crime.

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